Under Stair Closet Storage Ideas

Every homeowner wants to maximize the storage in their home, yet sometimes areas within it go unused resulting in wasted space.

Under-the-stair closets are often neglected spaces that could benefit from some clever organization techniques. We have put together some creative tips here that can turn this often forgotten space into one you will actually use!


Addition of under-stair closet storage solutions can be an effective way to reduce clutter and organize your home, yet it is crucial that you have an idea of the things you wish to put away in this space.

As your first step, take measurements of the space under your stairs as well as their height in relation to ceiling and closet door height. Also take into account slope of stairs as this could impact design of closet.

Sloping staircases may be the source of many homeowners’ headaches, but with some creative design solutions it can become functional and attractive areas in their own right. Open shelves are one effective way to utilise this awkwardly shaped space while fitted cabinets can keep clothing and shoes neatly organized.

Understairs storage cabinets offer an inexpensive way to add functionality and increase home value simultaneously. There are various styles and sizes to choose from so you’re sure to find one perfect for your space.

For an elegant and modern aesthetic, opt for neutral colors when selecting understairs closet doors and wall shelves. Mirrored doors can help open up smaller spaces while visually expanding your interiors.

An understairs closet can be an invaluable space in both large and small homes alike for storing belongings and decorative pieces. A place like this provides perfect storage solutions for books, clothing and any other small items you want out of sight but still accessible – not to mention decorative accents that need somewhere safe yet easily accessible to go!

Open Shelving

If your stairs provide extra storage space, there are countless creative ideas to make it more useful and appealing. Install closets, cabinets, drawers or other features into this area so it becomes both stylish and functional.

An excellent way to add storage that complements the decor in your home is with shelves. They’re great for keeping shoes, books and other items organized while serving as display shelves for display pieces and decor accessories.

Instead of opting for the usual horizontal shelf arrangement, this homeowner crafted an eye-catching box shelving unit beneath their stairs to display books, art, and travel gear in style. A small basket on the bottom shelf prevents smaller objects from sliding onto other items on display.

Cubbies provide another convenient method of organizing items in your closet, and can be detached and reassembled in any configuration suited to the design of your stairs.

These storage solutions are perfect for seasonal clothing storage. Hang your jackets, hats and boots from this area rather than having them take up valuable closet space.

If you love wine, a closet under the stairs provides the ideal place for you to store all your bottles safely and securely until it comes time for opening them up.

Under-stair closets are often overlooked spaces in our homes, yet with just a bit of creativity they can become invaluable additions to them. You could create shoe storage areas, coat and hat racks or desk spaces; all will make these under stair closets indispensable additions to your life!


If you have an under-stair closet, using it for storage can be invaluable. From clothing and linens, to other necessities that need quick access, an under-stair closet provides an invaluable space.

One effective method for this is using drawers. They allow you to organize and store your items efficiently so they’re easy to access when necessary.

This can be particularly useful if you have children; they’ll have easy access to their belongings when playing and need something from their drawers for clothing or play. Plus, baskets or bins inside drawers help corral smaller objects so they won’t become lost so easily!

Another great way to organize your items is with drawer runners, which connect the front of each drawer to its base. When installing them, be sure that all components are level and parallel for optimal use.

Use drawer runners for under stair closet storage can be an affordable and effective solution. There are numerous companies that manufacture drawer runners that work perfectly with this application – Accuride drawer runners being one of them, being especially easy to set up and keeping your drawers organized.

If you want something a bit fancier, consider creating a custom drawer unit. It is perfect for under-stair closets as its sizes can be tailored precisely. To add something special and make it more visually appealing, add features like carved front panels or solid wood frames for even greater aesthetic.


Understair closets can provide the ideal place for seasonal clothing and footwear storage. No matter whether your staircase has an open or enclosed design, creating a closet in this unused area should not be difficult.

Start out by gathering basic tools and materials, such as a stud finder, screwdriver and saw. From there you can begin creating your custom shelving unit.

Choose from an assortment of shelving solutions designed to fit under your staircase, from small box shelves to larger cubby shelves – the more storage you add, the better!

An alternative option for keeping clothing organized on stairs is using a rod attachment that holds clothes at an angled position. This solution can help keep everything neatly in its place.

One way to maximize space in an under stair closet is to add a shoe rack. Hanging from the back of the door, this hanging shoe rack allows guests to easily put their footwear on when entering.

Hooks are an easy, cost-effective and cost-effective solution to saving space in any room of the home. Hooks can be used to hang kitchen pans, pots, tools, towels and tea towels as well as bathroom accessories such as robes and bath toys – saving both floor space and your budget!

Wall hooks and racks can add style and practicality to your home, as they offer both storage space as well as decoration. Perfect for hanging pictures and decorative accents as well as hiding away extra items such as hats and gloves!

Shoe Rack

If you own many shoes, an under stair closet is an excellent way to store them. Just be sure that everything is organized so that access is easy.

On the market are various shoe racks to help organize your footwear. Some are portable while others can be mounted onto walls. There are racks of various sizes that can store from just a pair to multiple pairs of footwear.

A good shoe rack will keep your shoes neat and organized while protecting them from dust and dirt. They typically consist of shelves or cubbies enclosed by fabric covers that can be closed with zippers for extra security.

Shoe shelves that sit on the floor can also be an effective means of storage for seasonal shoes such as winter boots.

These shelves can be used to store shoes of all kinds, such as sneakers, sandals and boots. In addition, you can also store hats, purses and other accessories on these shelves.

Shoe racks with fabric covers provide an efficient and economical way to organize and protect your shoes from dust and dirt accumulation. Furthermore, these budget-friendly racks can easily be maintained.

If you own an extensive shoe collection, a custom-built under stair closet may be your ideal solution. This will enable you to keep them safe and neatly while also giving you room for expansion as your stockpile increases.

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