Small Laundry Room Ideas With Top Loading Washer and Dryer

Laundry rooms may not always be big, but that doesn’t preclude creating an elegant space that serves your needs and aesthetic. By applying some creative thinking and decorating skills to even the smallest space, it can become something you enjoy spending time in.

As luck would have it, there are countless small laundry room ideas with top loading washers to help make that possible! From clever storage solutions to stylish finishes, there is something here for every laundry enthusiast.

Shelves Over the Washer

If your laundry space is limited, adding shelves above the washer and dryer is an effective way to maximize it. Shelves allow you to store detergent, laundry sheets, and other essentials while looking great on display.

Emily Henderson Design has designed this laundry center featuring open shelves painted in fresh robin’s egg blue, along with discreetly labeled baskets to store often used items safely out of reach of children. Furthermore, there is folding space above each machine as well as space to store canisters of detergent.

One solution for a small laundry room is installing an inset shelf tucked against the wall. This low-profile option can be assembled quickly by following instructions in a DIY kit.

Shelves should be deep enough to accommodate storage bins, baskets, and other items. 10in-12in shelves work great for bottles of laundry detergent and fabric softener; for baskets or stackable baskets however, 18in shelves or deeper will likely be required.

Freestanding Shelves

Shelves above your washer and dryer provide storage space while adding visual interest to the room. Wood shelves can be an attractive solution in small spaces where wall space is limited.

Instagrammer The House in the Hollow (opens in new tab) designed this adorable laundry closet using a blond-wood box to conceal their washing machines. Cabinetry above and a clothes rod built from matching material creates a cohesive appearance throughout the space.

A long shelf near the ceiling holds woven wicker baskets to store seasonal items while a lower shelf houses frequently used laundry supplies. For laundry rooms with limited floor space, floating shelves may be an effective way to organize their space efficiently.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide storage and display without the need for unsightly brackets that could obscure your view. They make an excellent way of showcasing art or decorative pieces in any room of the house, including laundry rooms.

Choose and combine decorative objects carefully when styling floating shelves to achieve an engaging, harmonious display. Play around with scale and texture for maximum impact – whether displaying treasures amassed over years or one object alone.

Floating shelves don’t provide as much support, so they need to be attached securely to wall studs in order to remain safe. Therefore, using a stud finder and drilling into these studs before attaching their brackets is key for their safe installation.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is an effective way to free up space in your laundry room while making it feel less chaotic or busy. Use it to display decorative jars, baskets or artwork.

Open shelving can add extra storage while also helping your laundry room remain organized and tidy. Use them to store detergent, stain sticks, and any other essential supplies needed during laundry time.

Elizabeth Burns Design created this practical laundry room idea featuring top load washer and dryer with wooden drying rack and cabinet above, subway tiles, apothecary jars, and an attractive plant as decor elements.

Sink Skirts

No matter the size or shape of your laundry room or utility sink space, there are ways to dress it up. A sink skirt is an easy and cost-effective way to add color and style while concealing plumbing pipes, plastic legs or any other hardware.

Sink skirts can help prevent moisture build-up in a bathroom, especially those prone to mold and mildew growth. They’re great for powder rooms, guest bathrooms or other spaces without showering options to generate humidity in the air.

Fabric sink skirts come in various colors and patterns to complement any interior design aesthetic. Thinner stripes make a timeless choice, while thicker striped fabric complements more contemporary home decor styles.

Utility Sinks

If you’re searching for an idea to maximize the versatility of your small laundry room space, a Utility Sink could be just what’s needed. They’re specially designed to handle various tasks ranging from hand-washing delicate clothing and treating stains to rinsing paintbrushes or filling tall buckets which don’t fit under your kitchen sink faucet.

They’re perfect for cleaning garden tools or soaking muddy shoes and clothes, featuring durable materials such as thermoplastic or stainless steel that won’t stain or corrode quickly.

Your options when shopping for sinks vary in shape, size and style; whether that means undermount, drop-in, wall mount, floor mounted or stand alone are numerous. Simply find one that best meets your needs by measuring its dimensions first – and don’t forget that any new one you may consider must fit with the dimensions of your current one (or one you are considering purchasing).

Hanging Rods

If there’s space above your washer or dryer, adding a hanging rod is an effective way to create extra hanging space and add towels or large bedding without taking up floor space.

One of the easiest and simplest laundry room ideas is installing a telescoping shower rod above your sink area. There are various sizes of these rods to fit most wall spaces.

Switch out your wire shelving unit with wood shelves as another simple and cost-effective laundry room idea. Installing these wooden shelves will provide ample room to hang clothes as well as store essential items, like cleaning supplies.

Small laundry room ideas don’t cost much and are easy to change whenever they become outdated or boring. Furthermore, these clever storage ideas will maximize storage while making your space feel more functional.

Storage Shelves With Additional Hooks

Add storage shelves with additional hooks to make managing a small laundry room easier, keeping detergents and stain removers within reach. Adjustable shelves allow you to adapt them according to changing family needs.

“Laundry rooms are essential parts of every home, yet can be challenging to organize and futureproof,” according to Peter Erlandsson of String furniture (opens in new tab). Our shelving systems offer solutions for open cabinet storage, closed cabinet storage, wire shelves and versatile metal bars – something no other provider offers.

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona created an efficient combination of open and closed storage with her combination of slim rolling shelves tucked under the washer/dryer to store cleaning supplies while adding visual interest with lively blue-and-white wave wallpaper. She also included a hanging rack that folds away when not needed.

Unused Baskets

Unused baskets can be an effective way to organize cleaning supplies and other necessities in the laundry room, while providing an attractive addition to a wall display.

Use a wire basket to organize cleaning supplies such as powder detergent or laundry pods in an organized and manageable fashion. Glass containers make an attractive way of displaying these items for display!

Fabric cubes provide another effective storage solution. Perfect for keeping clothing baskets, lingerie bags and other small laundry items organized and hidden away while creating an aesthetically pleasing design, fabric cubes help eliminate clutter while creating a cohesive design scheme.

If you don’t have much floor space available to you, make the most of vertical space by installing shelving units between your washer and dryer to optimize vertical space between them. This space can be utilized to store laundry detergent, dryer sheets, cleaning supplies and other essentials.

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