How to Decorate a Bedroom With Slanted Walls

Decorating can be tricky when dealing with slanted walls, but there are ways to make the space more stylish and cozy.

One way to elevate a bedroom with slanted walls is to add wooden beams on the ceiling – this will add texture while drawing attention away from its awkward corners.

Hang a couple of houseplants

Decorating a bedroom with slanted walls can be challenging, but there are ways you can maximize the use of space. One tip would be hanging houseplants from their branches to give an airy vibe and bring nature inside.

One approach for decorating a bedroom with slanted walls is to hang artwork on its walls – this will give them more solidity, creating a sense of cohesion in the space.

Another option would be to paint the wall a light color; this will not only brighten up your room but will make it seem larger as well.

Install shelves along slanted walls to display items like books and photos for display and extra storage space. This will create an open, spacious feel while giving you extra storage options.

For a modern touch, choose wallpaper with stripes or chevron patterns for an eye-catching effect that covers up the sloped wall while giving it its own distinctive design. Not only will this hide any uneven spots but will give your wall an eye-catching and stylish look!

Bedrooms with slanted walls provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with new styles and design concepts. For instance, creating a reading nook in your bedroom by installing a shelf at the highest point of slanted wall and adding comfortable seating such as bean bag chairs will create an inviting and cosy area where you can unwind and unwind.

Use removable wallpaper or decals

When decorating a bedroom with slanted walls, removable wallpaper or decals offer an effective and hassle-free solution. Choose from various patterns including bright flowers or tree designs – simply peel away for easy decor!

Traditional wallpaper may be difficult to hang on walls that have uneven or sloping surfaces, making installation challenging and time consuming. Self-adhesive wallpaper provides an easier solution that still looks sophisticated.

Vinyl wall decals make decorating a slanted wall easy; no experience is needed to do this task. These stickers have self-adhesive backings which won’t damage the wall when removed, providing a clean removal experience without damaging anything in the process.

Be sure to first clean the wall completely, which will help avoid bubbles when applying wallpaper. Also be sure to switch off all electricity before placing paper on walls.

Carefully peel back the liner and apply some wallpaper. Cut off excess from slanted ceilings before trimming excess wallpaper from sloping areas of the wall. Repeat until all walls have been wallpapered.

When removing wallpaper, it’s essential to do it slowly and carefully. Use a hair dryer to warm the area as you go; this will soften adhesive bonds from walls so they release easily from them. For stubborn pieces, you can also use a scraper.

Paint the walls a light color

Decorating slanted walls can be tricky, but when done right they can help create an airier and spacious environment in any bedroom. Here are some helpful tips for decorating slanted walls:

Paint the walls a light color to open and brighten up your room and allow more natural light into it. This option works especially well if your slanted room features small windows; light will still fill in its entirety.

As interior designer Mikel Welch of New York suggests, painting your ceiling a lighter color can also help make the room appear larger and more open. He advises this approach if you are trying to add additional lighting into your space.

Wallpaper can also be an effective way of decorating slanted walls, as it serves to soften their look and blend it in seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Wallpaper patterns and colors can add interest and vibrancy to a slanted wall, giving it a distinctive look in the bedroom. Just be careful that it doesn’t become repetitive!

Opt for simple furniture arrangements

Decorating a bedroom with slanted walls can be challenging, but there are ways to make the space more welcoming. Start by opting for simple furniture arrangements – like choosing pieces without feet – rather than opting for elaborate and complex ones.

Placement of furniture can disrupt the natural flow of a room, especially bedrooms with windows, doors, and closets.

Position your bed against one wall instead; this allows more natural light into the room while making furniture arrangement simpler.

Also, try not to place heavy furniture against the wall as this could cause it to tip over.

Avoid placing side tables adjacent to the bed that extend toward sloping walls as this could increase the risk of injury.

To add extra storage in your bedroom, consider installing wall-mounted wire magazine racks or grab-handled baskets with flush ceiling mountings.

Install open shelving as part of your decor on a slanted wall to store books, photos, and other items inside its shelves. This allows for maximum space utilization within each shelf unit.

Use of a canopy-style bed is another fantastic idea, providing plenty of storage space for various items so that finding a place for everything won’t be an issue.

To decorate a bedroom with slanted walls, try selecting light-colored furniture. This will help it appear larger and more spacious.

Hang mirrors

Placing mirrors on walls that slope downward can help make any space appear larger, reflecting light back into the room and making the space feel more open.

Slanted walls are a common feature found in older and newer homes alike, adding character and charm to your bedroom. But decorating these tricky-to-decorate surfaces may prove challenging.

Decorating a bedroom with slanted walls requires several considerations, such as paint color, furniture placement and lighting. One simple and cost-effective way of making the room appear larger is using lighter colors.

Painting your ceiling in light hues can also help give the impression that the room is larger. If your slanted ceiling is low, adding more natural lighting by hanging skylights may also help.

If you don’t wish to invest in a skylight, try adding additional lighting fixtures around the room instead. This will help light up your space and could even improve sleep!

Another fantastic solution for bedrooms with slanted walls is hanging some artwork. Use either adhesive strips or keyhole brackets to secure it to the walls.

If you are uncertain if your wall is slanted or not, use a ruler to measure its shape before marking areas where your artwork will go with a tape measure.

Use a rug

Rugs can be an effective way to add flair and warmth to any bedroom with slanted walls, helping define space while making the room cozier and cozier. Rugs also serve to filter air in the room – which may benefit those suffering from asthma or allergies.

When selecting a rug for your slanted walls, the first consideration should be its compatibility with the decor. You should select an area rug which complements its surrounding colors while not clashing too heavily with furniture pieces in the room.

Consideration should also be given to the size of the rug you purchase; you’ll want something that covers all the floor but doesn’t obstruct its view in the room.

Choose a rug with an interesting pattern that complements the color scheme in the room and draws attention away from slanted walls. A patterned rug will add visual interest and draw away attention.

Make sure the rug is securely hung. Nails or screws may work, but ensure it will hold well and won’t cause irreparable damage over time.

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