Electric Fireplace Wall Ideas: How to Add Warmth and Style to Your Home

An electric fireplace can create the perfect focal point in any space, creating a cozy, warm ambiance while entertaining guests.

Mirrors add an eye-catching shine above a fireplace and can help make the room appear larger by reflecting light back outward.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces provide warmth and comfort in any room, with easy installation and minimal upkeep required. Available in various styles and finishes to match any decor scheme, these units make an excellent addition.

Wall-mounted fireplaces are becoming a common choice in living rooms across the world, creating an inviting ambiance and providing a focal point.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can add a stylish and classy touch to any bedroom, providing a more elegant alternative to TV.

There are various wall-mounted electric fireplaces to select from, making it important to select one that best meets your needs and the aesthetic of your home. If you prefer more contemporary style, recessed models provide clean walls without bulky mantels.

Finding a wall-mounted fireplace that provides three-sided viewing or see-through capabilities may also prove ideal, allowing you to experience the warmth of fire from two rooms simultaneously, making this an excellent solution for families with children.

Keep in mind that not all wall-mounted electric fireplaces may be suitable for certain areas in your home, so always refer to the product manual before purchasing one. Also ensure the area where you plan on installing the fireplace is not susceptible to moisture as this can reduce efficiency of the unit.

Are You Searching for an Attractive Way to Decorate the Front of Your Fireplace? Consider Adding a Mirrored Frame. It can add depth and dimension, drawing attention away from its background color of wall. Choose from various frame styles ranging from sleek black and modern stainless steel models, glamorous mirrored glass ones or crisp white.


An electric fireplace can add an inviting and cozy glow to any home, and is an easy and hassle-free addition. Smokeless and non-polluting, they require little maintenance while offering modern styling in any room.

Recessed electric fireplaces can add a modern aesthetic to the interior design of any home, as this style can be combined with other fireplace features like mantels or mantles to achieve an individualized design that fits seamlessly into your space.

Start off your recessed electric fireplace installation right, you will require tools such as a hammer, saw, measuring tape, level, gloves, pliers, screwdriver, and drill. Furthermore, it is important to familiarize yourself with electrical connections and wiring for best results.

Be sure to study the wall where you plan on mounting your recessed electric fireplace carefully in order to establish its dimensions, as this will determine its frame size and placement on wall studs. Make sure the fireplace frame is 1/4″ larger than your opening in order to achieve optimal results.

Once your fireplace frame is in place, align its layout marks on its top and bottom plates with those in your wall studs, fastening blocks between each stud to secure it to them and the fireplace frame to the wall studs.

As soon as your studs are lined up, use screws to affix the fireplace frame to the studs in the wall and fasten your electric fireplace in its place.

Adding a recessed electric fireplace will bring warmth and coziness into your living area, creating a relaxing spot for you and your family to unwind in front of movies or TV shows. The romantic ambience it generates makes the ideal accompaniment.

A recessed fireplace can make an excellent addition to any space, whether it be your bedroom or basement rec room. Not only can it add modernity and charm, but it will provide much-needed warmth during those cold winter nights.


Mantels can add the finishing touch to a wall-mounted fireplace by providing you with the ability to showcase items normally hung above a traditional wood-burning fire, such as family photos and decorative sculptures.

One of the easiest and most stylish ways to decorate a mantel is to switch up its decorations according to each season – be it Christmas decorations in various hues and textures or spring blooms and vibrant hues.

Simply replacing the current decor with something fresh can quickly give your space a facelift. Browse through our mantel ideas below to find your ideal style!

Selecting a material suitable for mounting a fireplace mantel at an angled position is key to its functionality. Choose sturdy yet lightweight material so you don’t add unnecessary weight, such as MDF.

Height is of great significance when selecting your mantel height, especially if you plan on using it as a display shelf. Keep the amount of items displayed minimal and consider installing fireplace corbels for extra support when hanging heavy mirrors or framing artworks.

When decorating your fireplace mantel for holiday festivities, stockings and garlands can create a festive ambience – particularly if your stove-style fireplace.

Mantel decorations don’t have to be limited to stockings this Christmas – you can also embellish it with tinsel or wreaths for an eye-catching display! Tinsel or wreaths provide an easy alternative that still maintains their shape and appearance while being easily placed onto a mantel and kept intact by their shape-retaining properties.

Place a Christmas tree on the mantel to create an inviting atmosphere, then add candles and other accessories to further accentuate its beauty.

An attractive fireplace mantel can add extra ambiance and dimension to any living room. Install it above a wall-mounted electric fireplace or even mount your TV on it for added ambience. There are pre-made mantels that you can customize according to the style of your home, too.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are an easy way to add visual interest and reflect decor items on a mantel or mantel shelf.

If you’re searching for something special to add to any interior setting, an electric fireplace with mirrored surround can make a stunning statement piece and will definitely spark conversations among guests.

Before making this purchase, however, several key considerations must be kept in mind. First and foremost is style; make sure it suits the decor of your home; for instance if decorating in French country or modern styles look for models with beveled edges on their surround.

Another key consideration for selecting a mirror is size: it should ideally cover at least two-thirds of your fireplace mantel width to avoid making your mantel appear too small when placed above it.

Mirrors can be heavy pieces, so to ensure it hangs safely you need to use appropriate installation hardware on your walls.

On drywall or plaster walls, use “J” hooks or drywall anchors capable of supporting the weight of a mirror. Molly bolts feature an expandable sleeve which tightens against the wall when tightened while metal toggle bolts provide strong support and allow you to hang heavy mirrors without needing studs.

To install these types of wall anchors, a hammer drill and masonry drill bits will also be necessary. When attaching these types of wall anchors to brick walls, additional anchor types such as plastic sleeve anchors or masonry sleeve anchors may be required for optimal results.

After installing your mirror, selecting the appropriate glass and frame are also of critical importance. Thick enough glass can protect the wall surface against cracks while choosing frames that match other design elements – like your fireplace if you decide to upgrade its style with mirrored surround.

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