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The Ills of Poverty

Living in poverty is hard – perhaps that’s why there are so many words related to hard that can be applied to a life of poverty – hard time, hardship, hardscrabble, hard luck, hard pressed, hard row to hoe, hard-hearted…it’s … Continue reading

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Money Management – Part 1: The Big Picture

When you have a small and sporadic income, budgeting isn’t easy.  To be honest, even when I was employed fulltime I was never the poster child for budgeting.  You know how we’re told by all the personal finance gurus that … Continue reading

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Jobs and the Jobless Recovery

A number of interesting articles about the job situation in the U.S. have caught my eye recently.  There are still millions of people out of work (13.1 million counted plus another at least 8 million workers who are not receiving … Continue reading

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