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The Ills of Poverty

Living in poverty is hard – perhaps that’s why there are so many words related to hard that can be applied to a life of poverty – hard time, hardship, hardscrabble, hard luck, hard pressed, hard row to hoe, hard-hearted…it’s … Continue reading

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Please Sir, I Want Some More

Some half dozen years ago I spent the better part of a day volunteering at a local soup kitchen/food pantry on the weekend before Thanksgiving.  There’s something about the holiday season that heightens my desire to care for strangers and this was … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Living

You’d have to be a (non-driving, non-car owning) New Yorker to not notice the rising cost of gas these days.  Around here the cheapest gas (the hunt around /drive out of your way station) is around $4.17 per gallon.  More … Continue reading

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