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Thinking of Houston

I have never been faced with a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey.  I’ve weathered minor, but still frightening, earthquakes in Santa Barbara, a wildfire that licked the edges of the city and flooding that closed the highway underpasses but none … Continue reading

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Living on the edge – still

Recently I have become, if not complacent (I don’t imagine I’ll ever be complacent again), a bit more at ease with our situation. We have a home and I’m employed. We don’t have much – in possessions or cash- but … Continue reading

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Stops and Starts – Part 1

It’s been a journey of stops and starts.  We started on Thursday, leaving town around 9:30 AM, full of mixed feelings – hope, sadness, failure, expectations. Aggravation at having to leave a good part of our belongings behind – some of which … Continue reading

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