Quick plug for Prime Day

Today is prime day at Amazon.com – all sorts of deals for prime members! If you shop from any of the Amazon links on the blog we will earn a small commission which will help with our back to school shopping.

Update coming soon!


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2 Responses to Quick plug for Prime Day

  1. Peg says:

    I understand you will be closing down the blog relatively soon. Although I don’t belong to Facebook, it does allow some guest viewing, if one doesn’t mind half the screen blocked by a message encouraging one to join or sign into Facebook. Reckon it is their site, they have the right to semi-block or not as they wish. Will you turn your blog posts into a book? From 2009-2017 is quite a journey, with more to come. While no job is secure these days, you do seem to be flourishing as a teacher ( and part time cashier) and you have cracked one critical code that is not taught in professional education courses- that is, teachers who bring in grant money are added value to the school district. Let’s hope your efforts pay off! You and your kids’ hard summer work installing a patio will for sure. Just think, less mud and muck entering the house, plus it looks stunning! Very impressive! Best wishes for enjoying the rest of the summer.

  2. Morag says:

    Hello! Looking forward to your update. I’ve missed you, but understand how demanding teaching is.

    All the best, Morag

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