Happy Holidays!

They always get away from me, holidays do. My best intentions are not sufficient to overcome inertia! This year was worse than past years as we didn’t get out of school until just days before Christmas so the few cards I sent out were late.  And I’ve gotten lazy about blogging, instead posting short updates on Facebook. I guess the good part about not having hours to write is that it’s due to being gainfully employed, yes?  At any rate I hope everyone had safe, peaceful and joyful holidays. Many thanks to those of you who reached out to help make ours happy!

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And now, early for once, Happy Chinese New Year! 2017 ushers in the Year of the Rooster beginning January 28 and ending February 15 (that’s a holiday I can get behind – one that gives you ample time to celebrate). One website offered gratitude that the chaos of the Year of the Monkey is now behind us and I concur on a personal level as this was a chaotic year health wise for the family.  We had a broken tooth, an emergency appendectomy, a wisdom tooth that needed to be extracted and finished the year with another visit to the ER as my youngest daughter managed to slice through her left index finger and had to get a dozen stitches. Naturally all these doctor visits created some havoc in my finances as well! This year we had no problem making our very high healthcare deductible!

Apparently we are moving from a year of upheaval to one of confidence and energy (but only if one guards against nonsensical plans and avoids being over domineering). What does the Year of the Rooster portend for you?* In general, from my research, it seems that years of the Rooster are marked by success for those who have invested patience and hard work in their projects and stick to practical and well-proven paths. That sounds like a safe prediction to me – work hard,stay focused and reap rewards!

You can check out more detailed prognostications  specific to your astrological sign at Astrology Club or Sun Signs. As usual with horoscopes the predictions tend to be general and at least moderately positive – mine promises I can get ahead if I work hard and be patient, be sympathetic and keep out of other people’s problems 🙂

I plan to do at least some of that (no promises on the last one). I’m hoping our STEM program will continue to grow in a sustainable and well thought out direction and I’m looking forward to professional development activities in problem based learning and computer sciences. I’ve undertaken to educate myself about engineering as well as computers (who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks) so that I can make sure our curriculum fulfills our new science standards. I’m planning on writing several grants both for basic supplies and for our new aquaponics (fish and plants) center (part of the high school agriculture program).

On the home front I have two projects I would like to complete this summer, one requires an infusion of capital and the other a lot of sweat equity! We really need to get a gravel driveway installed – this has been a very wet year and our soil is a spongy mess of clay that the wheels cut huge ruts into and that sucks your shoes off your feet when you step onto (into) it. Even with 4 wheel drive it’s easy to get stuck. Our estimates for gravel run anywhere from a few thousand to around $6,000.

The other project is putting a porch/deck onto the back of the house. This one we shall attempt to do ourselves which means it won’t cost as much but is likely to resemble Pippi Longstocking’s home when we are finished! If we can at least partially enclose/cover it we will be able to move recycling bins (and cat box) out of the house proper which will give us more room and a nicer interior environment!

My oldest daughter will complete her sophomore year at IU and is hoping to land a summer internship at the Office of Sustainability. Next year she plans on moving out of the dorm – another step towards adulthood, independent living! My middle daughter is gearing up to take the SAT and agonizing about what to be when she grows up. I reassure her that she doesn’t need to have that pinned down just yet. My youngest daughter is wanting to find a job (she’s just turning 14 in February), get to high school and get on with life. She is not one to linger in childhood! And my son continues to be a happy, thoughtful child whose determination to become an engineer hasn’t faltered.

I hope your New Year Resolutions and (positive) horoscopes all work out/come true and that it is a good year for you and your families!



*assuming you have the willing suspension of disbelief that allows you to consider that there’s anything to fortune telling (I don’t but enjoy checking each year anyway).

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  1. That expensive gravel will soon be lost along with your money. You need the road bed dug out and chirt put down, packed down, and then put gravel.

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