Remember that New Year’s Resolution?

Yeah, me neither. But in my case I’ll bet it had something to do with losing weight and getting in shape. I don’t know what it is about teaching – I’m on my feet all day, I don’t sit behind my desk and teach – that leads to weight gain. Or maybe it’s not teaching, maybe it was my thyroid or just age catching up with me. We had a biggest loser’s competition at school when we returned from winter break and another after spring break. I joined both and tried in a desultory way to win. I ate less food (no breakfast except coffee and I nearly always ate salad for lunch) and attempted to ‘get my steps in’ but didn’t really make any headway.

When my annual blood test came back with a high thyroid number (meaning my thyroid wasn’t working at the normal level) I was happy to blame it for my lack of progress. Surely the hormone pill I was prescribed would kick my metabolism back into gear and the pounds would melt off! Of course I scaled back my own effort to ditch the pounds figuring the pills would do the work for me (ha ha! wouldn’t that be nice?) since the medication insert said weight loss was a possible side effect of the drug. Possible but apparently not necessary. If anything as school came to a close and the relatively lazy days of summer kicked in my weight increased.

Finally I decided I had to do something about it. Joining the gym was out of the question. Gym memberships are too expensive and the extra driving would also eat into my budget. Living on a farm means there’s plenty of work to do – fixing the chicken coop, hefting 50 lb bags of feed, raking hay, even without the garden there was outdoor physical activity. There was also a lot of 90+ degree heat and an explosion of biting and stinging insects, both of which conspired to limit time spent outside.

One benefit (?) of all my professional development is that spending the odd night in a hotel gives me a chance to channel surf (we don’t have commercial TV, just an internet connection and Netflix) and recently while flicking through channels I happened on to an infomercial that caught my attention. The end of exercise – Cize! It’s a dance workout program – very hip and modern moves (I think – haven’t been dancing in ages) with music that gets you going. They showed all those amazing before and after photos.  It was a seductive sales pitch but the multiple payment of just $19.99 brought me back to earth. Still I kept thinking about it and when I got home looked up Cize on eBay. I managed to pick up a used set of the basic DVDs for a steal and they arrived this week.

My middle daughter and I are now working out together (everyone else is banned due to mean critiques and laughter) and I’ve already lost a pound! I’m pretty sure I can keep in up until school starts. My goal is to lose 30 pounds. I won’t be posting any music videos (I can’t move as fast as the dancers) but for those of you who want to check it out here’s a YouTube link to Cize.

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4 Responses to Remember that New Year’s Resolution?

  1. Lynn says:

    Good for you! My personal experience has been that living a consistently high-stress life makes weight loss *extremely* hard, pretty much impossible. It’s tough for me to motivate myself to continue to exercise and eat right when I simply won’t see results on the scale. It’s so good for your physical health and your mental health, and I have to remember that to keep myself going. Good luck to you 🙂

  2. Jean says:

    Did the DVDs come with a meal plan? All of the Beachbody programs have them – and all of them have you eating 3 meals plus snacks. By cutting down on your food intake, your body went into survival mode and held on to everything. Tracking your food will help you know if you’re eating enough calories – 1200 is the minimum. Have fun with Cize!

  3. Maryl Jonas says:

    You need to eat breakfast. You aren’t doing that bod of yours any favors by depriving it of nutrition. (Please don’t say the coffee has caffeine.) Aim for about 400 calories at breakfast. Go for lean protein over carbs, veggies over fruit. Make a commitment to drinking a lot of water.

    Check out your library to see what kind of exercise dvds they have, Pilates or yoga books/videos. If you aren’t really confident about your diet, borrow a good book on nutrition. The better you can fuel it, even on a budget, gives you many health advantages. We’re entering into harvest time here in the Midwest so local produce should be reasonably priced.

    Body weight exercises are free: push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, planks. Start out slow, use good form, and you’ll improve. And tell those naysayers to go pound salt! This spring I decided to master the push-up. I could do two miserable ones, which was pretty demoralizing, but I’ve kept at it and can do them in sets of 10 with a minute or two of rest between sets til I get to 50. (Monday it was 51 to celebrate my birthday.)

    My husband was diagnosed with gastric reflux last year, and we had to make some changes to our diet. In about eight weeks I dropped 10 pounds, and it’s stayed off. However, there’s been sacrificing of favorites and compromise in finding substitutes.

    I’m sure you know that losing and maintaining weight loss is a daily commitment, and that’s the hardest part: Signing up for the long haul and not the sprint, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and getting back in line after you fall down. Good luck, and enjoy that dancing!

  4. MollyT says:

    I needed to lost a lot of weight a couple years ago, and I found that just tracking everything I ate and making sure to always burn more calories than I took in helped me tremendously. I used the free webapp, and I swam, hiked, biked, did whatever it took to get those calories burned. It took two years but I lost 40 pounds and have been able to keep it off. Dieting never worked for me. I was always hungry and I’d crave what I couldn’t have. This way I could eat whatever I wanted, IF I was willing to pay the price. (Swim laps for 3 hours to burn off that order of french fries? Guess I wasn’t really craving them after all.)

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