Some Progress

I got some work done on the bathroom floor over fall break but I didn’t get it finished as I ran out of materials and pulled a muscle in my lower back.  Naturally it turned out that there was more rotten floor than just the bit under the window where rain had leaked in – the previous owners must have had some fun in that big tub because there was a good sized rotten patch off the side where water might have sloshed overboard!  And the patch under the window extended much further than I originally thought, running alongside the toilet so I will need to replace some linoleum there.

I cleaned out the rotten wood and mildew as best I could – probably the right thing would have been pulling up the entire floor and replacing it but that’s beyond my level of expertise, tools, materials and frankly will.  I pulled out damp insulation, dried the compartment as best I could (since I could see the ground under the trailer I don’t know how any of the insulation remains dry) and layered in new plastic and insulation before laying sheets of plywood.  Since I was fitting new with the old, but still good pieces I had to do some fancy cutting to make it fit.  Not master carpenter work but pretty good for me (I might be getting better at this).


Next I swept since I was doing the cutting in the room and sawdust was flying (and next time, although I’ll be honest and say I hope there is NEVER a next time, I will wear a dust mask) and put down the under floor foam.  Then, I started laying the laminate floor down.  I got a little more than half way when I pulled a muscle in my back and had to stop.  Hopefully I can finish next weekend and fix the holes in the wall. I got a small piece of dry wall to fit into the hole, just need some joint compound to make the fix.


I also need to borrow a circular saw to make an opening for the heater vent. Mine is broken so I’ve been using my skill (ha-ha) saw. I scored the laminate at Habitat ReStore during the summer but had to get plywood, the sub-floor foam and insulation at Lowes so the underside of the floor cost twice what the floor cost.

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  1. Lynda says:

    I admire your determination. This Spring and Summer I will be working on my cabin. I took several power tool and woodworking for women workshops including building a small shed and of course I now think I can do anything! I’m excited and a bit scared at the same time. I’m tearing off the lean-to bedroom, adding a new room with a very small bathroom and storage area…I’m replacing single paned windows with dual pane, installing a small wood burning stove in the kitchen, and a new metal roof: OMG! I think I’m nuts. I have 3 good friends that will be helping me and the community the cabin is located in plans on helping too. We’ll see. Good luck to you and yours.

    By the way: I’m still with the school, got involved with the Union.. worked with the committee to update job descriptions and salary steps…I’m now the kitchen manager (not head cook) with a 50% pay increase!! Yep, you read that right!! The food service department had not been up dated for 15 years and salary increases were about $.50 an hour each year (a step)…insurance increases were $25-60 a month…my check was getting smaller instead of bigger…not now!! Woo!Hoo!

  2. bogart says:

    I’m impressed, even partway done it looks great.

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