Extracurricular Activities

After school the students have their athletics, band and choir practices and rehearsals. Lately my extracurricular activities have been showing up at meetings – the local school board and the county redevelopment commission (you can see me at about 27.5 minutes in MCRC meeting) – speaking out in favor of funding for the development of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program that would encompass grades 2 through 12 in our school corporation.

It’s early days and we are just developing proposals (and I have to say it’s a bit odd to not be integrally involved in the development but to have it handed to the science and math teachers from the administration but I daresay that’s due to my having been in management for so long) but the hope is to eventually have  a program that would bring people into the school and graduate students with strong skills in STEM fields.  We have a lot of local employers in healthcare who cannot fill all their jobs without looking outside the area so this would benefit them as well as the students.

Personally I feel strongly that all citizens should be scientifically literate so that they can understand the problems and opportunities facing us and the policies that are put forth to address them.  And issues aside, science is just fascinating! I subscribe to various science and technology newsfeeds and everyday there’s something new – sometimes daunting, sometimes exciting, sometimes life-changing. I’m hoping I’m still teaching when the program gets off the ground and I get to see some of the lives changed by it!

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