One step forward, two steps back

The story of my life. I’m having a technology issue thanks to what is surely planned obsolescence. Both my coffee maker and my laptop have died. The former was bought used at the huge community yard sale held after the college students move out two years ago and will be replaced at the same venue this summer. The laptop is fairly new but was a lower end machine and my experience with Dell laptops suggests that they aren’t made to last. The repair shop says the motherboard is bad and it’s going to cost between $225 to $274 to fix. So that’s out for now.

I have use of my work laptop until June 4, then it’s turned in to the IT department until school starts. I will need to back it up or will lose all my files and bookmarks. I’m really not all that happy with computer technology these days. I had hoped to get ahead of lessons this summer and have my younger kids do some math and other online work now that we have internet. And my 10th grader is set to take health online this summer. Luckily our public library has both computers and air conditioning so it looks like we’ll be hanging out there again!

In other news my daughter graduates on Saturday (I didn’t order graduation announcements and my computer died before I could print the ones I designed but aside from you all we don’t have many people to whom to send announcements). I’m happy for her and sad at the same time.

I’ve spoken to a couple shops in town who are hiring, trying to line up part time summer work, but both require employees to be available through October (fall is a busy time in our little tourist town). I will keep looking as I need to get a little ahead if I can.

Just a few more days of school. I would love to just relax for a week after it lets out but goat fences need to be installed and the chicken coop needs finishing. And there’s the garden…just tomatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers, watermelons, sunflowers and herbs so far but more room still for additional plants – maybe sugar snap peas.

Hope all your summers are shaping up nicely!

Ps, posting laboriously from my kindle.

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  1. Lisa M. says:

    Would dropbox help with the backing up of the teaching files? It’s free at least, and I use it a lot for my own work. It means your files are available from any computer with a network connection. (apologies if you already know this)

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