April Showers bring….Floods!

And MUD.  Lots of mud.  Although to be fair they really weren’t showers but thunderstorms!  And to strike a note of gratitude, our cistern is currently full!


The timing of this particular flood could have been better – it was on the eve of my 8th grader’s departure for the National We the People competition.  The kids had gotten out on the school bus in the morning before the water rose but I had her suitcase at the house.  That’s why I’m contemplating fording the river in this photo!  I was eventually able to make it across and she made the plane with her luggage in hand!  And on a side note – her team won (2nd year in a row) the middle school division of the competition!

I’m hoping, now that winter seems to truly be over, to spread some grass and wildflower seed around the house.  We bring a lot of mud inside these days (I’m so glad I removed all that carpet before we moved in) and a little ground cover should help to keep more of it outdoors where it belongs!


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  1. Scott says:

    I’m pretty sure the winter is over now. Glad to see you made it across but please be careful. Moving water is very powerful… Well I’m sure you know that already.

    Good luck trying to keep dirt out of the house. If it works please post again!

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