and More Scarves!

Just wanted to let folks know that we have more scarves knitted (the kids are helping out with the effort) and I have a few more things both on Etsy and eBay.  I’ve applied to be a substitute teacher in two neighboring districts (the third is no longer taking applications – guess it’s too close to the end of the school year to be bothered) but it’s a lengthy process. I’m waiting for interviews and background checks, after which I’ll be able to apply for a substitute teaching license.  I’ve also applied for a few jobs open in the community – as the weather warms up our town is slowly awakening from the winter hibernation (its a tourist town so it shuts down for the winter).

I’m hoping something will come through and soon!  I haven’t had a paycheck since the last week of December and we’ve gone through savings and most of the food I stashed away when I was working.  I’m still in school – about 9 hours a week over the course of 3 days – so that limits my availability somewhat but that will end mid-May.  I still need to take the pedagogy test and attend a class on suicide prevention and then I should have everything out of the way and will be able to apply for my teaching license.

I will be attending “Interview Day” at the university on April 28th and have a job search set up on the DOE job site.  A lot of schools don’t have fall positions open yet (I suppose some teachers won’t give notice until towards the end of the school year).

Please let me know if you see a scarf you would like – your choice for a donation of $18 or more (no charge for shipping)!  They make nice Mother’s Day or Graduation gifts.  And thanks for the encouragement and support as we continue this journey. Although we are getting closer to the goal it still feels like we are on the uphill side!

IMG_0168 IMG_0169-001 IMG_0170


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