We have WATER and what a difference that makes to our daily lives!  Those of you in Virginia can empathize I’m sure.  After many hours of uncomfortable, cold and cramped, labor our relative completed his heroic effort to get the pressure tank, pump and cistern to work together to deliver hot and cold (we really love the HOT) running water to our house.  No more hauling every gallon of water we use!  We are still importing some water as we aren’t completely certain our water is of drinking standard (it has a particular odor to it – maybe it’s the new plastic smell of the cistern?).  I’m looking into finding a place to have it tested.

Because we have a cistern we have a limited supply of water as well.  We collect rain and melted snow from the roof of the barn into a large (280 gallon) plastic tote and from there, by garden hose, drain collected water into the cistern.  This doesn’t work when it’s super cold of course and it’s been super cold a lot of the time.

More updates on the rest of life this weekend!

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  1. bogart says:

    Not comparable to your trials, but we had our home remodeled at one point, with the result that the nearest water to our reduced-form kitchen (fridge, microwave) was an outdoor hose. I still remember the joy of again having running water in the kitchen area, it was a huge change and of course a reminder of how much many of us in the U.S. take for granted.

    So glad your situation is improving! I have no directly relevant expertise, but having collected water in rain barrels from our roof for gardening purposes, I definitely wouldn’t drink what I’ve seen collect in our area — it gets grungy-looking very quickly (albeit in a much hotter context than that you are describing — but I have no sense that our gathered water is “sanitary,” rather that it is brimming with life eager to flourish in various blue/green/grey forms. Do you boil or treat with any bleach, or similar? I’d be very reluctant to drink what you’re describing, if not. But I still appreciate the value of convenient running water, even if it’s not drinking water!).

    Hope you and your kids (and animals) are staying warm.

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