It is Cold!

Like many of you we are experiencing the effects of the arctic vortex. Temperatures in the negative single digits – mostly, it did drop to -11 last night- and wind chill in the negative 30’s and 40’s. We were able to get the furnace working but are burning through the limited amount of propane we were able to procure (we got a deal on a tank from a house that burned but there wasn’t much left in the tank). So we are keeping the thermostat down to 55, not that most of the house reaches that temperature – it is 43 in my bedroom!

We brought the bunny inside where he is unhappily sequestered in the bathroom much to the indoor animals great interest. They keep going in to stare at him. The goats are enduring the cold. The barn shelters them from the wind and I take them water every few hours.

School was supposed to start for all of us today but it’s just too cold so they cancelled it. Our county has a travel advisory of warning status, meaning that only emergency vehicles are supposed to be on the road. Most places are closed any way. We haven’t received any mail since Saturday- I’m hoping when we do my financial aid check will be in it!

We still don’t have running water so we don’t need to worry about frozen pipes and plumbing (I guess that is the silver lining). The forecast is for warmer temperatures tomorrow – we are looking forward to it!

The photo is the sun shining through the ice on our front door.


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  1. Peg says:

    Due to additions and other renovations our house is heated with a gas stove ( like a wood burning stove, not a cooking stove) for one room, electric baseboard heating for a bedroom suite but the majority of the house is heated by a furnace with oil heat. Last night there was a problem with the thermostat connected with the furnace, so we muddled through with 57 degrees through most of the house. That was too cold for us! We are winter wimps! 43 degrees is pretty frigid!! Clearly you have all survived it with humor intact and well earned bragging rights – stories for your kids to tell their kids, but maybe it is time to seek temporary night shelter elsewhere ( a few nights with some friends? Homeless shelter referral?) at least through these extra cold nights. On the plus side, looks like you might have decent insulation to keep 43 degrees with very limited heat and such harsh conditions outside. I enjoy your posts, am thrilled you have a place of your own, and hope you can stay warm and healthy! – Peg

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