Quick Update

This will be short as I’m supposed to be working on a lesson plan for the lecture I’m giving on Wednesday in the AP Environmental Studies class at the high school but I wanted to let you know what progress we are making.

Our cistern – a big blue plastic tank – was ordered and arrived a week or so ago.  It will hold 1,000 gallons of potable water.  We’ll have to have it filled initially but we hope to be able to top it off via our rain water collection system.  It will go into the ground this week and we are working on getting the waterline plumbed in so that the water in the tank can get to the house!  At that point we will have the basic suite of utilities – septic, electricity and water!

I found a nice, clean basic refrigerator on Craigslist and the seller delivered it for a small fee so now we just need a new water heater.  The one in the house is set for natural gas and is about 15 years old so I’m looking to replace it with an electric version.  We are foregoing the addition of propane at this time even though we need it for cooking (stove/oven) and heating as we cannot afford to have the 200 gallon tank filled (the cost of providing the service).  We can get by for awhile on space heaters and the electric skillet/microwave.

I’m hoping (but certainly not counting on) moving in by Thanksgiving.  We have moved in our belongings, have the fundamental furniture (thanks to Habitat ReStore) and are very anxious to get settled!

I’m in the middle of my classroom observation at the high school, and am busy working on final papers and projects for my classes at IU.  After winter break I will return to the middle school for my student teaching.  I’m happy about that as I feel more comfortable with that age group. The teacher I will be working with is retiring at the end of the year and I’m hoping I’ll be in a good position to apply for his job.

I am more than a little concerned about our upcoming financial situation as I will be teaching 5 days a week for 10 weeks with no pay.  I will have to quit my job as there is no way to fit it into the teaching schedule.  In addition I will be making a 55 mile round trip drive every day of the week – just hope the old car can make it!

I’m squirreling away food for what will probably be a hard winter and looking around for things to list on eBay so that we’ll be able to pay our new electric bill.  If you plan on doing any holiday shopping at Amazon we’d appreciate it if you’d click through one of our links – that commission will come in at the end of January and February – just when we will need it!

I feel a little bit like the Little Engine – heading for one last big hill before hopefully reaching a plateau, trying to get up the energy needed for this last push.  “I hope I can, I hope I can….”



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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Linda P. says:

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished! I, too, will remember the Amazon link.

  2. Mamie says:

    Hoping all goes well… progress has been made, despite the setbacks! You ARE in a good position as far as your student teaching; I hope you will be able to relax and enjoy it as much as possible.

    We’ll shop the Amazon link and will hopefully be able to send some Christmas cheer as we did last year…. Will be thinking of you as you head into these next few intense months!

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