House Update – Stalled

Here’s a quick update on the house situation.

What’s done:

  • The house is level – but we are not sure the wooden shims are ‘code’ so it hasn’t been anchored down yet as I’m not sure we could loosen the anchors once they are tight.
  • The floors are all done (yay!!), but imperfectly since I was the one to do them.  I cannot hire myself out as a laminate installer (and I hope never to have to install another floor)!  I am still working on putting edge and transition pieces on.
  • The shed has a roof (thanks to our relative).  We need to put the doors back on and put some shelving in and then it will be ready to go.
  • The electric company finally came and installed two electric poles and ran wire connecting those poles to ones across the field.  They did not install a meter box or connect the house.  When I inquired about connecting the house they sent me an email saying “consumer to wire pole   hold for call when that is done then you call us and we connect.”  Presumably we have to hire an electrician for this work.
  • We have unpacked most of our belongings and are moving the things we originally brought with us into the house – that has been fun.

What’s not done:

  • We still have no water.  We will have to have a cistern installed but do not have funds for that at this point.
  • We need to replace the gas water heater with an electric or propane version.
  • We need to get propane gas installed for our stove.
  • We need to buy a refrigerator.
  • We need to have the entire thing inspected and get an occupancy permit.  Can’t wait for that day!



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