Quick House Update

As you probably know our Craigslist contractor scampered leaving behind a lot of unfinished work including leveling and anchoring the house, installing laminate flooring, and completing the rebuilding of the shed.  The last I heard from him was a promise (after an absence of 10 days) to show up the following Sunday (that would have been the 8th).  He didn’t show up and has not responded to any of my messages since then.  I have given up (although I did send him a text the other day saying “I think of you often, for instance when it rains in my shed with no roof).

We’ve moved on without him – I purchased a circular saw and finished the laminate flooring.  I had to pull up everything the contractor did anyway as he didn’t put down the underlayment (which insulates, acts as a moisture barrier and makes the floor less noisy when you walk on it) and as there was a lot of sawdust, cement bits, grass, mud and pieces of packaging left under the boards.  I’ve finished the living room, hallway and two bedrooms, except for the trim around the edges (that stuff is expensive).  We still need to finish painting in the last bedroom before I can do the floor in there.

My relative leveled the house so that the doors on one side no longer swing shut automatically, however this effort did result in some wall panels bulging outwards.  We are hoping the house will settle and we will be able to get them back where they should be!

The utility company is going to install 2 poles and run a line to the house (we are hoping to then hook up the barn as well).  I need to pay the construction costs ($478) and then they’ll get to work on it in a week or two.  Once electricity is hooked up we will need someone to hook up the air conditioner (although we may just wait on that since fall seems to finally be arriving).  Our relative is going to do the conversion on the stove (all the necessary parts were taped to the back of it) to make it work on propane instead of natural gas.  We will still need to replace the natural gas powered water heater.

Our belongings from California will be delivered on Tuesday (too bad the shed will not be ready by then) and the kids are very excited to finally reclaim their possessions.  We still need a few small things for the house – a refrigerator and some furniture and household items (see our amazon.com wishlist for examples) – but the main BIG thing we still need is a cistern.  That is outside of our budget at this point – we have spent the money raised on GoFundMe on everything we’ve accomplished so far – as it will cost between $2500 and $3500 depending on whether we get an above ground tank or a below ground tank, the size and shipping charges and whether we try to do the hook up ourselves or pay someone who knows what they are doing!

So – lots of progress made, lots of things left to do!

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3 Responses to Quick House Update

  1. D Schaefer says:

    I hope that you did NOT pay him for all of the work in advance!

  2. Jay says:

    You want to actually paint after installing the floor, instead of the other way around. Once you have drywall up the next steps are


    Think of it as a layers approach, you want the floor imperfections to be hid by the trim, you want the trim imperfections to be hid by the caulk, and then lastly you can paint the think to make everything more even.

    Plus if you paint first and then kick up all the dust from the floor demo and sawing and things you most likely will have to wash down the walls anyways.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Melissa says:

    I wonder if your contractor is in jail on unrelated charges.

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