ETL: Weeks 2 & 3

Betcha wondering if I’m still on my diet! Yes, I am. Have I slipped or cheated – yes, I have. I’m probably about 90% faithful as far as eating what I should and not eating what I shouldn’t but only about 70% faithful in eating as much as I should. You heard that right – I’m not eating as much on my diet as is recommended. Dr. Fuhrman says you have to eat more to lose more but I’m finding it hard to eat a pound of salad twice a day plus a pound of cooked vegetables once a day. I have days that are so jam packed that I end up skipping a meal, or even two meals, and I think this is why my past two weeks have not been as successful as the first one.

Other issues (none insurmountable):

  • I’m bored with salads
  • Salads take a lot of time and effort to make
  • I’m spending more money on food
  • Making dinner for everyone (my oldest daughter and I are on the ETL diet, the younger kids aren’t) is more time consuming, and
  • I miss certain foods (coffee for one)

Am I going to stick with it?  Yes I am.  I have 3 more weeks on the strict plan that is supposed to give your body time to adjust to the new way of eating.  I’ve lost weight; my blood pressure (while fluctuating some) is lower than it was when I started the diet; and I’m down one size in clothing!  That feels good and makes me feel a bit more ready to face the classroom on Monday!

Once we move into our house I’m hoping to add yoga – both for fitness and stress reduction – to my regimen to regain health.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the update. I am still waiting on my book and accompanying cookbook to start (on back order till mid October) so it is nice to know how it’s going for you. Just reading about the pound of salad, pound of cooked vegetables, is daunting. A pound of greens is a LOT of salad. I suppose, though, that if you are forcing yourself to eat the allotted amount of “good” food, there is no room for, say, brownies. (Today’s breakfast for me.)

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