One Step Forward…

It’s been a roller coaster this past week as we try to come up with the money we need to pay for the mobile home and get the move set up!  I got a call on Thursday from one of the movers we had contacted that sent my heart through the floor.  We had a problem, he said.  There was dirt packed all around the underside of the trailer, behind the brick retaining wall in the front (which we had been given to understand was uncemented and would be easy to remove).  He would need special equipment and extra personnel and the cost would nearly double to $4,500!  I was dumbstruck!  I could not believe it would be so difficult to move a mobile home from a mobile home park!  I also knew we could not afford the home if it was going to cost $4,500 as that estimate did not include preparation of the site on our property.

I was waiting for another mover to give me an estimate but with this news I didn’t see the point.  We would have to give up the sale.  We barely have enough for the house and the $2,000 I had budgeted to move it!  Luckily the 2nd mover did not agree with the 1st!  He had also taken a look at the home and had checked underneath and reported to me that there wasn’t “a truckload” of dirt underneath and that he could see the axles and wheels.  The bricks and dirt would have to be moved but he figured a couple of guys could do it in a few hours so it wouldn’t add that much to the cost.  Pshew!

The next day I went and checked it out for myself and found the situation to be much more in line with mover #2’s take and figured out that mover #1 might just have been on the take!  Adding $2,000 to the move to deal with the “dirt problem”!  As mover #2 could do the prep work up at our site as well as move the trailer he is our choice for the move.  The only drawback is that he can’t move it next week so we’ll be waiting a bit longer for our house.

We are still a bit short of what we need to move and set it up so the extra time will give us more time to work on raising money at least!

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