Sticker Shock

There is an organization here (state of Indiana) that buys used mobile homes, fixes them up and resells them.  They advertise having a home for every budget and I check their website frequently.  So recently I saw a fairly nice doublewide that had been marked down from $16,900 to $12,900 and emailed them to ask about the moving costs.  This was the response:

Home Price is                                                 $12,900.00
Estimated Road Prep                                        $3,500.00
Estimated transport                                          $2,500.00  
$ 18,900.00

Est Pier Foundation if needed by outside contractor  $5,200.00
Est Reset the home by outside contractor                     $5,500.00               
$ 29,900.00

Plus local permits, skirting, est.                                    $1,500.00

                                                                  Grand Total $ 31,400.00

All out side services are to be contracted buy the buyer Evergreen is not responsible for their performance or their actions.

This is one of the reasons we are attempting to purchase a home from an owner and contract with the movers ourselves!  The mover we contacted about the last mobile home was going to charge $1200 to move it.  I know local permits don’t cost $1,500 and I think we could do the skirting ourselves.  But the other add-ons still make a $12,900 home cost more than double the asking price.


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2 Responses to Sticker Shock

  1. Nancy says:

    You may be able to negotiate a much lower price since you are not putting the mobile home in a park. Parks often require professional (licensed) people to set the home, remove the tongue, and put on the skirt. Since you don’t have to meet a certain standard, you can do much of it yourself (like the skirt) as it only needs to be to your standard.

    But yes, you need to consider all the costs, not just the mobile home itself. I know you want to live on your land, but it doesn’t sound like it’s possible on your income. You should look into an apartment that you can get a subsidy for. You’d be in town and your kids could walk to school and activities. I know it’s not what you want or what you planned for, but you need to look realistically at your income. I was so much better off when I sold my home and rented. It’s been almost 10 years and in that time I’ve been able to take a few jobs that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to because I could either afford to make less (rent was cheaper than mortgage) or because I could move (twice to different states). Would I rather own a home? Yes, but we are fine renting and it does give us a little freedom. Next year my kids go to college and I’m planning to move to an even smaller, and cheaper, place.

  2. Sara A. says:

    Gary, Indiana is selling houses for $1 if you can show the funds to fix them up:

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