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Busy, busy, busy!  Between work, school (oh my, school), summer activities for the kids, taking care of the goats and getting things in place for the house I barely have time to breathe or sleep these days!  So please forgive my absence on the blog and enjoy this brief update!

Work is slow and there is some concern about the continued funding of my position.  This is too bad because I enjoy the job.  On the other hand it means I can easily adjust my hours to accomodate my school schedule and running kids to camps and basketball practice!  I’m told it might pick up in the fall when the tourists inundate the area and there is an increase in traffic tickets.

School is hard!  A good deal of the difficulty is due to everything, and I do mean everything, being done online.  I just don’t have the connectivity I need to keep up with the forums, assignments, messages, material that needs to be downloaded and uploaded, etc.  It’s also hard because I’m just way out of practice of being a student and I sometimes find the readings dense, pretentious, or a waste of time (especially in the psychology of teaching course).  Since readings are sometimes posted the night before class I don’t always have time to download, print or read them before class, leaving me feeling out of touch and behind.  This is week 4 out of 8 and then there will be a 3 week break before the next semester begins.  I’m looking forward to it.

I go back and forth about whether to continue with the program – the timing is hard with all of the house related tasks I need to attend to right now and the things I hear from teachers cause me concern about the profession. I spend many hours awake in the middle of the night second guessing all my choices these days!  I miss the days of easy confidence I had in my life path!

The house process is moving forward quite (unexpectedly) smoothly.  The sellers are moving forward in working on purchasing their new home and all is going well there.  The mover is on board and has been given the seal of approval by the mobile home park who also say there are no issues to prevent me from purchasing and moving the home.  The septic system is on the verge of going in – weather and waiting for the hay to be baled has delayed us somewhat there.  Our current house related issue is setting up a water source – the deep drilled wells that are approved end up in a salty layer and the shallower, wider dug wells that hit the sweet water are no longer allowed.  We are researching other options like cisterns at this point.

Fundraising is going well – we have reached the $5,000 mark and still have another 3+ weeks before we close and move the home.  Many thanks to everyone who has helped out!

The kids are alternately busy and bored – they are excited about moving into our own home and wish it could happen sooner (they are really looking forward to Internet).  They have been to a few camps (4H and Wonder Lab) and are volunteering for various organizations.  My oldest is busy with basketball practice and working on homework for her acclerated US history course this fall.

The animals are doing well – the pig is growing nicely and all of our Kiko goats are expecting (they should kid in Sept/Oct).  Tinker, our dairy goat, has recovered from her disease outbreak and is not currently contagious so she is still with us nursing Doty for another month.  I’m looking for a vet who is more informed about her disease and plan to have her checked again if she has another sore develop (the only real way to confirm the disease is through culturing a sample, and the vet we took her to wouldn’t do that – he is kind of old fashioned).

The first growth of hay has been cut and baled – it produced 3 round bales (the equivalent of 60 square bales).  Since we prefer the square bales our hay is going to the fellow who cut it and he’ll give us squares later.  We are continuing to make slow progress on barn repairs and hope to have a gutter installed soon to allow us to collect rainwater.

I sure hope you all are having a more relaxing summer than I am!

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9 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Darla says:

    This will probably sound nuts, but have you have the property “witched” to see if there is a good water source? I wouldn’t have believed in it myself, but my dad used to do it and I’ve seen it work many times. Dad had a way to tell if it would be sweet water or not when he was doing it, as well as about how far down it was – I don’t know how exactly he did it, but he was never wrong. Normally he was within a foot on his depth estimates. People used to come ask him to find water lines, well sites, etc all the time until he passed away a few years ago.

    Might be worth asking around to see if there is someone who could do it. Most will do it for free or maybe for $25 – well worth it if you can find a good spot for water. I know here some of the Amish do it, as well as some of the older farmers who learned as kids.

    On putting the well in – is the depth requirement for contractors only? Sometimes if you don’t have a contractor, the depth required can be different. Or is there any exemptions / loopholes around the depth requirement? You may have to submit water for testing if it doesn’t meet depth, to prove there are no contaminants. But doing that with a well is a good idea anyways.

  2. zelda says:

    If you have a kindle or iPad, you should be able to download your reading materials in pdf to your reading device. If you have laptop, you can download your reading materials onto your laptop or onto a cloud and instal either the kindle program for your laptop which will make annotating the reading material possible or you can download the free adobe program (there are limited parts of adobe that are free but since you are a student, you might get that free or greatly reduced) and store your reading materials on the cloud but in the pdf format which makes annotating easier. At my university, the library or the tech center assists students in download or acquiring those applications and even assisting with loaning the devices such as kindles or ipads to the students. Once you download them to your device, you don’t usually need to worry about the internet’s connection. It saves on paper use for printing and allows for you to have the articles without having the hassle of putting holes in them and storing tons of articles.

    • boxcarkids says:

      I have a kindle and take it with me (good thing because the profs sometimes want us to look something up or watch a video on our own devices) but I have not been able to open or download the readings on the kindle. I put adobe reader on it but I think there’s a firewall issue that I need to talk to the tech folks about.

      • Jim wildman says:

        You can also setup an address to email docs to the Kindle. I use it a lot. It’s on the Amazon site under “manage my devices”

  3. Celeste says:

    Is there anyone, a work friend, family member or fellow student, you can barter with to print out the downloads for you? Or buy them some printer paper or give some money towards ink? Otherwise maybe you could talk to somebody at school about giving you an advance list so you can take care of it at the library.

    • boxcarkids says:

      I go to the education library between classes on Tuesday and print there – we get 60 free pages so it doesn’t cost anything. The main issue is just getting online to check assignments, discussions in the forum, upload papers, etc.

  4. Barbara says:

    Glad things are finally on the upswing. Praying you find water on your property soon.

  5. SMS says:

    All this is progress. This kind of busy is all good. I have an old trash barrel under a 6 foot run of gutter. On a good rain it fills and I can water everything but raspberries 3X. I highly recommend it.

    • Kim B says:

      We have two 5 gallon buckets in one place, and two tall kitchen cans under the roof runoff from another part. Have only had to use non-roof water for garden watering once or twice this summer, and a little clean fresh water for the animals. I’m sure we’ve saved hundreds of gallons since we planted this spring.

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