Looking Good!

Several weeks ago we went to see a three bedroom single-wide mobile home and liked it.  However another party had first right of refusal and they opted to take it (and the land – 1.5 acres).  Since we only wanted the home it was a no-brainer for the seller to make the deal with the other party.  We were disappointed because although it needed work the price was right ($4500), the work was mostly things I felt I could manage, and the overall configuration was a good fit for our family.  Still we figured there were other options out there and we’d just keep looking.

We did keep looking – saw a very nicely kept but more expensive ($14,000) home that had a tiny living room, sumptuous master bed/bath and large kitchen but that reeked of smoke and would need extensive redecorating (I just couldn’t imagine living with a chartreuse kitchen or that many mirrors (especially not on the ceiling).  We talked to a business that bought, refurbished and sold mobile homes and learned that the cheapest 3 bedroom they had was $26,000.  They keep sending me links to their homes – very nice doublewides priced at $29,000, $45,000 and $56,000!  I don’t even torment myself by looking at the photos; I just delete the messages!

Then last Thursday I was going through listings on Craiglist again and saw the original mobile home relisted.  I shot off a text message to the owner – ‘what happened with the sale?’  It turns out it fell through and so we re-entered negotiations.  The upshot is this – we are having a mobile home moving service go take a look at the home (a 14 x 70 single-wide) and determine whether it is something they can move to our lot.  I made sure they knew we have a bridge and sharp turn on our road so they can factor that in.  If the answer is yes, the seller will sell it to us and we will move it as soon as we can!

outside mobile home

Then starts the fun!  As I mentioned it needs work.  We will pull up carpet, remove and replace wall board in one room (some one put a fist or foot through it in a couple places), steam off wall paper, paint, put in laminate flooring (with my son’s allergies we don’t use carpet) and purchase appliances (refrigerator, washer, dryer) and furniture.


The home has three bedrooms, 2 baths, a family room and a living room – the latter with a wood burning fireplace and built-in bookshelves.  There is a decent sized kitchen and an alcove with hoIMG_0788ok ups for washer and dryer.



IMG_0781I am hoping we can accomplish all the work and move in before school starts (for the kids – for me it starts in 2 days!) at the beginning of August.  If you have been with us on this journey you know we tackled similar issues with our last trailer (ok, replacing wall board is a new one for me but I’m certain we can do it).  We have raised just over $1,000 towards our new home so far – we will need $5700 total for the home and moving/setting it up at our lot.  That’s not so much, is it?

If you would like to contribute you can click on our Donate button, go to our fundraising page, or purchase something off our Amazon.com wishlist.  Our mailing address is 899 S. College Mall Rd, 244, Bloomington IN 47401 if you’d rather not contribute online.

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  1. Barbara Ingalsbe says:

    Hoping things pick up for you. Here’s our Tupperware fundraiser information. Boxcarkids will get 40% of total sales.
    Chantal has given me the honor of helping her raise funds for her home project. She needs to raise at least $15k to make her family’s dream come true.

    Here’s how you can help.
    1) go to: http://www.my2.tupperware.com/barbaraingalsbe
    2) Find A Party (click)
    3) top of page: Find a Fundraiser (click)
    4) lists of states: Find IN (click) Boxcarskids OUT of the box (click)
    5) Chantal Cagle Foundation at the top of page.

    We can DO this and make it BIG! Happy Shopping!

    Hope this is a HUGE success! Every order Counts.

  2. Melissa says:

    What is the situation with getting electricity to the house? Is there already a pole at the barn? (Could be expensive if not.)

  3. D Schaefer says:

    You might be able to find good used appliances, etc. On Craigslist, local auctions, etc. We found great things at auctions when we moved to our farm summer 2012. Good luck

    • boxcarkids says:

      That’s my plan – along with shopping the Habitat Restore and the Goodwill Store! We just picked up a twin platform bed with storage and a nice mattress from Craigslist.

  4. Jeannette says:

    PS. love the bookcase and fireplace wall. that looks so pretty, and glad the carpet is coming up it looks old and faded.

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