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This blog post is dedicated to our goat Ginger.  Ginger was one of our original goats and she stood out from the very beginning.  Even before we met her the kids had all declared she was their favorite goat – just from the photographs!  Her sister, Nutmeg, and half-sister, Honey, are creamy white in color.  Ginger on the other hand is a light brown with darker markings on her face and body.  Her more dramatic coloring made her stand out.  IMG_0056


Ginger is part Kiko (New Zealand meat goat).  Her dad was Kiko and her mom was half Kiko, one-quarter Boer (another meat goat) and one-quarter pygmy.  Even though the pygmy genes are just a small percent it’s enough to make Ginger (and her twin sister Nutmeg) a bit smaller than our other goat.  She may be smaller but don’t start thinking that Ginger means she behaves gingerly!  There is nothing cautious or timid about her!

Like all of our goats Ginger likes to be involved in whatever is going on – mucking out stalls, building pens, annoying the rabbit – whatever it is she will be there!  And like all goats, Ginger likes to explore with her mouth – she nibbles on everything, including garments, hair, and tools.


IMG_0024-002IMG_0046-001She is our number one escape artist and where she goes, the other goats are sure to follow.  If we want to see whether a new pen is secure enough to hold goats, all we have to do is put Ginger in there and come back in a couple hours.  If she’s still in, it’s secure!

Ginger loves to climb, try new things, and is always up for a game with the other goats.  She is the one who is working on how to unlatch the gate, open the feed bin, and escape into the main area of the barn where the hay is stored.  She’s the one who ends up on your back if you bend over to pick something up and who sneaks the gloves from your back pocket. Frankly all her exuberant characteristics have made her a bit less of a favorite (Honey is the sweetest goat so she’s my favorite) but she’s always the one we look to for a good laugh.  IMG_0018-002IMG_0012-001IMG_0008-003She and Nutmeg and Honey are all one year old this month and this fall will be expecting kids of their own.  We can’t wait!


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3 Responses to Spice Girl

  1. Animal Lover says:

    Too cute!

  2. Jeannette says:

    I love the photo of the goats in the wheel barrow,, maybe you need a bigger one, ha ha
    Not a farmer, or goat lover but have to say very cute and glad you and family are working hard to make this work

  3. Kim B says:

    I’ll bet it’s the pygmy in her that makes her look just like our wether Oreo 🙂

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