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Is suddenly a lot closer to becoming reality!  As most of you know we have been sheltered in a variety of different abodes over the past 3 or 4 years.  We once owned a very nice house – 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, full finished basement, big back yard.  But as the realtors say it’s “Location, location, location” and that house was located in Colorado at a rather high altitude which unfortunately proved detrimental to my young son’s health.  If you haven’t already, you can read more about that on the “About” page.

Since sliding into the chasm of the Great Recession we have lived in tents, a 27-foot travel trailer, a 38-foot trailer and now we shelter (four in one bedroom) with a relative.  This was meant to be a short term solution, lasting until I found a job and could save money for a place of our own.  Jobs have been scarce, although I have recently begun selling ads for a small local publisher on a commission only basis and I have an interview for a clerk type position with the prosecutor’s office tomorrow.  Nevertheless, saving money for a house has just not been possible (if you’ve been following my successes at ad selling on the Boxcarkids facebook page you’ll understand).

Now, with my acceptance into the Transition to Teaching Program at the local university I am hoping that in time (like a year from this fall) I will have a regular paying job with benefits.  And joining me in that belief is a long-time family friend who has come forward and offered to help us get into our own living space.  She will match the money I earn and raise as a no-interest loan that I will not have to begin to repay for several years.

This will allow us to move forward with our plans to put a mobile home on property owned by a relative (and located right next to the goat barn).  I have begun the steps necessary – getting soils testing done for the septic permit, getting the minor subdivision (a required step) underway and starting the search for contractors who can install the septic system and dig a well.  With any luck, and a lot of help, we will have a home to move into this summer (which is just when my program starts)!

I finally feel as though I can see the glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel.  With the T2T program lasting only a year (thank goodness I’ll be out of college before my teenager starts) I have a concrete timeline.  I can look ahead to very likely employment in fall of 2014.  There is still a fair amount of work ahead of me but at last I can anticipate positive movement!

If you can help us move into our own home, where we have some more space, privacy and autonomy, it would be greatly appreciated.  I will have more information about costs as soon as I get the estimates on septic and well construction.  If you have suggestions about fundraising possibilities I’d love to hear your ideas!

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