Thanks everyone for all the input about going back to school for a teaching credential.  I am still exploring the idea – I’ve ordered my transcripts to be sent to the school of education for review and next week I’ll attend a meeting that the faculty is holding about the various programs.  It’s too soon to say whether this is the path I’ll follow as I need to find out how many additional courses I would have to take to become a science teacher and whether or not I would qualify for financial aid.  The deadline for the program is March 1st so hopefully those questions will be answered soon.

I do have previous teaching experience.  As a graduate student I taught sections of undergrad courses for nine quarters and taught summer school for two years.  I also worked in the department of instructional consultation tutoring other grad students on how to teach.  I had originally intended to become a college professor but ended up jumping ship and going into the environmental field when it became clear that the number of Ph.D.s in my field searching for jobs far out numbered the jobs available.

I feel as though I’ve been beating my head against the wall for years now trying to find a job, either in my field or in any field and it’s frustrating and discouraging.  If I can get financial aid and enter this program it will at least provide direction, give me a feeling of accomplishment and purpose and make me feel as though I have the possibility of a future.  That in and of itself will make a huge difference in my life.  If it leads to a job, even better!

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