Goat’s Milk Soap!

I am very excited about our new venture – making goat’s milk soap.  Aside from angora fur it will be the first of the Boxcarkids’ Farm products.  I got to try my hand at making my first batch this past weekend, working with my neighbor and using milk from her goats.  I plan to begin making my own soap even before our dairy goat starts producing milk (in mid-March when she gives birth) to try out various recipes.  Lavender, Cinnamon Oatmeal, Apricot Cream, Avocado Cream, even Chocolate Silk Soap!  Soaps to soothe and nourish dry skin, exfoliating soaps, soaps scented with therapeutic essential oils to calm or refresh your spirit – ummm, it makes me wish I had a bathtub for a long soak!

Soaps we make will, eventually, be marketed on Etsy (in the meantime there are lots of knitted and felted items in our shop).  It takes four to six weeks for the soap to cure to the properly hardened state so expect the first batch to be available in mid-April.  I’m also happy to say that soap making will provide the opportunity for me to give back (beyond the heartfelt thanks that I offer now) to our supporters.  Anyone who donates $30 or more (or purchases approximately the same amount from our Amazon.com wish list – currently laden with soap making supplies) will receive their own bar of handmade goat’s milk soap from the Boxcarkids Farm!  Be sure to provide contact information so that I can ship the soap when it is ready.  I hope I will have at least three varieties from which to choose.  Your support is much needed and appreciated as we begin to move towards the light at the end of our tunnel!

We will be trying a variety of fundraising ideas in the days ahead including selling some of our Chinese treasures (bought for my children as keepsakes of their heritage but perhaps better put to use to raise money for our home) on Ebay.  As one reader commented our projects require money and short of suddenly landing a job (yes, I’m still applying for jobs even as I go ahead with applying to school and for financial aid), winning the lottery (not likely as I can’t afford to waste money on a ticket) or hearing back from Ellen Degeneres, there is no quick fix.  I am open to ideas!

Also – if you haven’t weighed in on our facebook page leave a comment and tell me what is your favorite scent for soap!

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3 Responses to Goat’s Milk Soap!

  1. Meg says:

    Sandalwood. Definitely. 🙂

    I just found your blog while looking for something else so this is the first post I’ve read. But when I saw you were on Etsy I was interested; I am too but I don’t have a shop there – yet! I will check out your shop, I love fiber stuff.

  2. julia says:

    I so hope you decide against selling your Chinese treasures – would hate for you to have regrets later on.

  3. Jeannette says:

    I will order the soaps as soon as they are ready, can’t wait, both my girls love natural and organic.
    Thanks for sharing and letting us all have a vision into your life. Its hard putting yourself out there for all the world to see, I keep reading as I know one of these days the news will be so great we will all be shouting in front of our computers…

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