A Full Barn!

IMG_0008-002Here is our new guy – still being called Hot Rod at this point.  We had a longish but uneventful trip to Kentucky to pick him up, and were able to meet his mother and siblings, but not his dad (who had been leased). We were also given a lecture on the dangers of making a ‘pet’ out of a buck.  Bucks, we were told, need to respect you and if you let them sit in your lap, clamber over you and butt you when they are little they won’t respect you.  So, although he is the littlest and cutest thing in the barn (barring the bunny) we won’t be babying the baby!

Here’s his mom:

IMG_0003-001Hot Rod is proving to be an escape artist, living up to the quintessential goat reputation.  After putting him in his new cozy (and I hoped solidly constructed) pen yesterday afternoon, I arrived at the barn this morning to find him out and about exploring the barn!  Here he is trying out the goat stanchion (milking stand), constructed as a Christmas present by my middle daughter (with help and supervision from our very handy relative).  This picture shows just how small he is!  Compare him with one of our Kiko does trying out the same stand last week:IMG_0035-001


Meanwhile Tinker, our dairy goat, is getting more accustomed to our comings and goings and does not shy away as much when we approach her pen.  She has two months to go before she is due to kid and I’ll be spending that time working with her, gaining trust and acceptance.  She gets her handful of grain on the milking stand and I pet and brush her while she is eating.  It will take her longer to get used to the children I fear!

She is very curious about the Kikos, and they return her curiosity.  I think we’ll see some head butting and testing when they all get out to pasture together.

IMG_0064-001 IMG_0070

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3 Responses to A Full Barn!

  1. SMS says:

    Hot Rod making friends yet?

    • boxcarkids says:

      Nope – the girls are pushing him around! He doesn’t have any stature in the herd yet! The dairy goat (Tinker) is top goat now!

  2. bogart says:

    He does look like a charmer, good luck keeping him confined!

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