Winter Weather

We have had a lovely Christmas filled with gifts, family and good food and followed by some very seasonal weather!  Thank you to all our friends and readers who helped to make this a very special holiday for my family.  We have enjoyed the holiday cards and gifts and appreciate all the Etsy orders and the shopping you did through Amazon.  Your kindness has enfolded us like a warm blanket!

And a warm blanket is the perfect thing to have in a blizzard!  We had over 14 inches of snow on the day after Christmas and were happy to stay home and off the roads for a couple days. Here are some photos from our recent weather.

There is more snow expected this evening so I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year now in case we don’t get out for awhile!  We are looking forward to a good year and hope you are too!

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4 Responses to Winter Weather

  1. bogart says:

    Those are beautiful pictures, the one of the barn in the show (-76, I think) merits entry in a competition. Really. Here’s hoping 2013 holds wonderful things (and that you and yours are safe and (mostly) warm in the snow).

  2. Linda P. says:

    Happy New Year! I’ve also been reading the blog of Jenna at coldantlerfarm at blogspot, and I often think about you and your situation when I read her posts. In order to help keep her homestead afloat, she’s always presenting one- or two-day seminars (blogging, fiddling, choosing the right livestock for a small operation, etc.) sometimes with herself as the expert and sometimes with others she presumably invites and with whom she shares fees. I realize that might not be as easy for you since you’re living with someone else, but I thought I would mention it so you could check out her site.

  3. SMS says:

    My boys love snow days. We all did as kids. I remember getting lucky enough to get in extra studying in to get an A on a test, which I really needed to do to rescue a sinking grade. Usually spent it digging out first, then sledding with cousins. Your other option was to stay in the house, but my mom was very efficient at putting you to work if you were crazy enough to do that. We sometimes could talk her into changing her bread making day so we could have frybread for lunch. She just used her regular bread dough.
    Did my card make it?
    Happy/Healthy New Year

  4. Lynn says:

    Really lovely! So good to hear you sounding happy, too.

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