Snow Day!


Here’s something we haven’t had to deal with (yah, ok, that’s an adult perspective) since Colorado!  SNOW.  The call came early this morning – school is cancelled and winter break starts now!  The kids weren’t too happy about that since the day was scheduled to be full of holiday parties and gift exchanges and other fun stuff but they decided to make the most of it and head out into the snow.  We don’t have sleds or other winter toys (and don’t have a good hill for sledding anyway) so they contented themselves with decorating the car, throwing snowballs and visiting the goats.IMG_0091This is the goats’ first experience with snow and they were none too sure about it at first!

IMG_0074But once the kids showed up to play they came out of the barn. IMG_0002We uncovered the car and ventured out to the library to load up on movies and books.  It was an exciting drive!  First we slid off the edge of our little rural hilly road and ended up with a tire in the ditch. I was able to drive forward and out and we continued slowly on our way.  The highway was not in bad shape but once we reached our little town and headed up the hill to the library we found ourselves spinning our wheels and going nowhere!  My front tires are a bit worn and they weren’t getting any purchase on the ice.  Our next stops are the post office (last minute Etsy sale) and then the hardware store to buy some sand and a window scraper!  I’m just hoping we make it back down the hill – I’m afraid we’ll slide all the way down.

I do believe I will just stay home the next time it snows!!


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  1. bogart says:

    Here’s to hope (your prior post), snow, and holidays. Please be careful and stay safe in the snow, and here’s hoping the New Year holds wonderful things.

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