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I have to apologize for being so out of touch!  I never seem to have enough Internet time (still accessing it at the public library or a coffee shop) to do all my Internet tasks!  Most of the time is dedicated to my job search and I find it faster to do quick status updates on the Boxcarkids facebook page than to write meaningful posts.  And to think I had imagined that I would have a lot more time to write!

Several people have asked after the kids and how they have done with the transition to a new school and lifestyle.  Although not without some trials and tribulations (including racial bullying), on the whole they are settling in well.  For the most part they enjoy school and are finding it more challenging and interesting than they did their schools in California.  To me this is a confirmation of the decline in the California schools as they struggle with budget cuts by decreasing instruction time (there the kids were in school approximately 30 hours a week – here it is 35 hours), increasing class size and eliminating or reducing elective subjects.  My elementary school aged kids have music, art, dance (they will both be taking part in the opera Hansel and Gretal to be put on by the Indianapolis Opera Company) and computer classes in addition to math, science, language arts, and PE.  I am satisfied my son is receiving the extra assistance he needs to support his learning (he struggles with reading and has speech therapy).  All of the children are rising to the challenge and are putting out the extra effort to do well in their classes.

I will say that they haven’t yet made many friends – well perhaps they have in the classroom and out on the playground but I don’t hear much about friends and we haven’t had any social engagements.  I hope it’s just a matter of time.  My oldest daughter is involved in drama and is a crew member on the first play to be produced.  She and my middle school daughter both plan to try out for basketball later this fall.

I am still job hunting and have lost count of the number of applications I’ve sent off in the past two months.  Most just disapear into cyberspace with no response. It’s been discouraging, as usual, and even more so as I must find a job in order for us to move into a place of our own. We are still staying with our relative and it is a situation that is wearing on all of us.  He is used to peace and quiet and living a hermit-like lifestyle and I am used to having more control and autonomy over my living space.

I am moderately hopeful of seeing a light at the end of this particular tunnel as just last week I was contacted for a job interview!  It’s this Wednesday so wish me luck.  It is a project manager position in a new field for me – training service providers.  Hopefully some of my previous experience and skills will be transferable!  Naturally the day before I was contacted I got a cheap haircut (its so bad that the kids asked if I’d done it myself) and I’ve broken nearly all my nails working on our goat barn so I’m not feeling quite as presentable (don’t even get me started about my wardrobe) as I’d like.

Our farming venture has continued – in addition to Dusty, our Angora rabbit we now have a number of chickens!  We lucked on to a free flock thanks to my tendency to chat with all and sundry about our homesteading plans.  I was discussing them with the clerk at the feed store and she said -‘ talk to Donna, she wants to give away all of her chickens.’  So I did and after discussing it with our relative who has the chicken coop we staged an evening chicken wrangling and brought home nineteen young hens!They are just beginning to lay.

Our goat barn is all ready for its new inhabitants but due to (much appreciated) large amounts of rain over the past several weeks the fencing around the pasture has not been completed.  Nevertheless the goats are coming home tomorrow.  If you live in Indiana and see a blue mini-van filled with kids and more kids 🙂 that will probably be me!  The  goats (all young females) will be the beginning of our herd – the herd mommies we call them and by starting small we hope to get some experience under our belts before they are bred next spring.

The weather is finally cooling off, particularly at night and in the early morning when I send the kids out to wait for the bus.  We will have to add warm clothing to our wardrobes as we had very little to begin with and the kids have mostly outgrown anything from last year.  We are still very strapped for money – I’m adding more things to my Etsy shop and will have more Holiday Gift items in the near future so please be sure to check it out.  And if you shop at Amazon (those new Kindles look great) please click through any of the Amazon links on the blog – that commission is a big help to us.

I will update again at the end of the week to let you all know how the job interview went and how our goats are faring.

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3 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Margaret says:

    Good luck may all your efforts and job hunt pay off!

  2. Celeste says:

    You know, I’m glad you did what you had to do to make the move. You are getting your kids a much better education than they would have had in California, and that is an investment for a lifetime.

  3. consuelo says:

    Fingers crossed for the job interview!

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