Glimpses of Country Life

A lot has changed in our lives.  Some things haven’t – I’m still looking for a job and we are still scraping by – but I thought I’d share some of the fun, unusual and new things in our lives.

Goat herders dancing while the goats graze

Our  new farm animals bring us a lot of pleasure!

Nutmeg grazing

Dusty our Angora Rabbit

















Here’s just some of the wildlife we have been lucky enough to spot!  The others made their escape before I could get the camera out!

Deer scattering into the forest


Toad hiding in leaves

And then there is country life shopping (nope that’s not the Mall, it’s the miscellaneous agricultural implements sale):

Farm Stuff

Yeah, I don’t know what 90% of that stuff is but I did find a nice big (300 gallon) tank to hold water for our barn animals!

And the Farmer’s Market is an endless delight for the senses!

Honey booth at the Farmer’s Market

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