Why We Still Appreciate Your Support

I had a note from a reader asking if we were more financially secure now that we were living with family.  And the answer is “Yes, in many ways.”  The family member we are staying with pays the mortgage and utilities so we no longer have those expenses.  However he actually makes a bit less than I used to receive in unemployment benefits each month so suddenly supporting a family of five isn’t really feasible.

We still need to buy food and gas, pay for telephone, car insurance (due in 2 weeks), car repairs (on going issues), school textbook rental and other fees, clothing (especially once winter brings cold weather), etc.  That’s why I’m frantically job hunting and applying for food stamps and insurance for the kids.  That’s also why I’ve added some food items to our Amazon.com wishlist.  We aren’t in danger of losing housing – like we would have been if we had stayed in California much longer – and that’s a relief, but I won’t sleep well until I have some income as well.

The kids start school next Monday and that will free up more job hunting, sewing, knitting, writing and barn repairing time. You can continue to help us by doing your back to school shopping through the link to Amazon.com or other of my Affiliate partners and spreading the word about our homesteading effort – every new reader is a possible cat bed buyer!  And of course, even though I’m not online as often as I was (or want to be), I deeply appreciate your supportive and encouraging blog and facebook comments!

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  1. Grace says:

    Talk to the counselor or principal at the schools. The PTA may have a clothing bank or other resources to help you.

  2. This sounds like a much more workable plan than before. I hope and pray you find a job soon. Can you tell yet if there are more jobs available where you are as opposed to California? I know here in Texas they are always needing substitute teachers. Hopefully that will work out until you find something permanent. Many blessings!

    • boxcarkids says:

      I don’t think there are more jobs – probably fewer. I guess the thing we have going for us is that I don’t have to worry about paying rent while I job hunt. I am applying to be a substitute teacher but it’s a process of four or five steps. I got the background check done (no records 🙂 and now need to schedule an interview, then take a test and get a permit…

  3. bogart says:

    Thanks for the reminder; I have an Amazon cart filled up and while it certainly won’t make a big dent (bump?) in your resources, I’m happy of course to click through (and too often forget to do so).

    I wonder whether if you’d post sizes and lists folks might send you winter clothes’ for your kids (or whether that might be too much trouble to sort — plus, of course, you’d need a safe way to provide an address, maybe a PO box, but I know … those cost money). I’m pretty sure my son is smaller than even your littlest one, but there must be folks out here with clothes in good shape they’d be happy to pass along (or maybe easier/better just to put out word at e.g. your church to the same effect?).

    I hope your kids like their new schools; they’ve certainly been negotiating big transitions this summer.

    • boxcarkids says:

      We have a mailbox address – 899 S College Mall Rd, #244, Bloomington IN 47401. My oldest is in Juniors size 5, my middle daughter is just moving out of kids and into the smallest junior size, my youngest daughter wears size 8 and her brother is in size 6 (he is very tiny). School starts on Monday and the kids are looking forward to it although with some trepidation. Thanks for shopping Amazon through the blog! If so inclined check out our wish list there 🙂

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