Woman on the Verge

Several years ago I designed a bumper sticker (on zazzle.com) that just says Woman on the Verge in white letters on a black background. The funny thing (now) is that when I designed that bumper sticker (and put it on our van) I was gainfully employed and owned a nice big 5 bedroom house with a big backyard. While the sticker was meant to be in the mind of the beholder – in other words one could be on the verge of a breakthrough as well as a breakdown – at the time I was ‘on the verge’ because I was juggling being a mom of 4 kids along with raising toy rat terriers and working full-time. I guess now I should design a bumper sticker that says Woman on the Edge of a Precipice and in Danger of Going Over!  Since bumper stickers really have to be short and sweet to work I think I’ll just glue down the raggedy edges of the current sticker!

We really are on the verge/edge here.  In 10 days school will be out and we still have not sold our trailer.  I’ve spent all the money I have on car repairs so the good thing is our car is now safe and roadworthy.  The bad news is there’s no money for rent so tomorrow I’ll be telling park management that they will have to wait for the rent (which they did not prorate for June).  I’ve lowered the asking price and in an effort to reach more people have placed a paid ad in a RV publication and put the word out in more places online.  I’m confident the trailer will sell once I hit the right number – the price the market is willing to pay at this moment.  Hopefully it will be enough to get us on the road!

In the meantime the economic news reinforces my conviction that we are making the right choice even if our timing is a little off (I wish we had taken this step a year ago).  The number of new jobs created in May was a paltry 69,000 and unemployment edged up.  And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) rose from 5.1 to 5.4 million in May. These individuals accounted for 42.8 percent of the unemployed.  Wow.  That is a scarily large number of people without work.

Even as we prepare for our move I’ve kept my job searches active – and have even applied for a position in my field in the new location (didn’t hear anything back) – but the available positions continue to be few and far between.  The ‘recovery’ seems pretty stagnant in the area of construction – which is the main driving force behind the jobs in environmental permitting.  No construction or new developments, no permits required.  All of this is bad news in the big economic picture but reassures me that I’m making the right decision for my family.

I’m anxious right now.  We have a few more hurdles to get over before we can get on the road to a more secure situation.  I lull myself to sleep by reading seed catalogs at night – the peaceful bucolic images and the mouth watering descriptions of heirloom tomatoes and lemon basil help keep me from wondering if the leap I’m taking is in fact a hurdle and not the edge of the precipice.

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4 Responses to Woman on the Verge

  1. Sandra J says:

    I think the Internet ate my comment – but add to the list of things to look forward to – starry night skies w/o smog and light pollution!

    • boxcarkids says:

      And quiet too! Or at least different noises from the garbage trucks, police and other sirens, leaf-blowers, drunken fights outside the tattoo parlour, neighbors who ‘warm up’ their trucks for 20 minutes at a time….

  2. Cindy says:

    Have you looked for companies that can buy your trailer home? Google them. Here’s one I found in California:
    Don’t know how good they are.
    Can you call back the people who came to look at your trailer and tell them you lowered the price? maybe one of them will now buy.
    What about a pawn shop? Can you sell your trailer through them? What about renting the place? Ask your neighbors if any of their friends need a place to stay? or just put up a ‘for sale or rent’ sign.
    You had better move quickly. Technically if you don’t pay your rent, the landlord may ask you to leave. He may give you 3 more days to pay or take legal action or just lock you out.

    I only wish you the best. I am praying for you and your kids. God speed. I think it’s pretty clear, from all the signs, that it’s time for you to move on. Don’t be afraid. It’s just God’s way to make sure you go. Sometimes He does that to get us to move our butts and not think twice.

    See if you can sell that trailer to a company that buys mobile homes/trailers. Some of them pay cash on the spot.

    Good luck!

    • boxcarkids says:

      Thanks for all the good ideas! I did check with a couple of places that buy/sell – one offered me about half our current lowest offer so I said thanks but no thanks and the others were only interested in true mobile homes, not park trailers.

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