Down to the Wire

The trailer is (almost) sold (I hope).  Not exactly the kind of announcement I’d planned!  We’ve lowered the price to the bare bones that will get us across country (barring any disasters on the way which is awfully optimistic of me given our track record).  We have three potential buyers all of whom (once they get one or two details out of the way on their end) would want to come pick up the trailer sometime between tomorrow and Monday.  So we are finishing our packing and selling the furniture – we’ll be sleeping and picnicking on the floor tonight!

There is a fair amount still up in the air – I haven’t been able to reserve a uhaul (you need a credit/debit card and I don’t have enough in my paypal account) so we are just hoping there will be one available.  Likewise with motel rooms but I’m hoping that won’t be a problem.  We still need to finish some packing and clean the trailer.  I’m putting together a bag of food we won’t be able to use and plan to take it to our homeless friend Ben.  But I have gotten the dogs and cat up to date on shots, have all the kids school and medical records safely stashed away and got a vacation refill on my blood pressure meds so I have several months of it stockpiled.  The dryer fuse blew out as we were trying to get one more load done so I’ll be spending the evening at the laundromat.

The kids are alternately too excited to stand still and sad and weepy about leaving friends.  The animals are pacing about nervously and I’m running on coffee and about 3 hours sleep. Like the kids I’m ambivalent.

I hope to post once more before we leave and again from the road but am more likely to provide updates through Facebook so don’t forget to visit our page there.

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4 Responses to Down to the Wire

  1. Yay!!! Save travels! Bon voyage!


  2. Jeannette says:

    wow, many emotions to absorb, bittersweet, sadness, enthusiasm, to name few.. Safe travels, keep us posted and lets hope this new journey is what was intended. You are a great mom! this too shall pass

  3. Amy says:

    Best of luck and safe travels!

  4. bogart says:

    Wow — exciting and nerve-wracking: good luck! I hope this move will prove a wonderful one!

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