Just over 3 weeks until we load up, hitch up a u-haul trailer and hit the road!  I’ve been chipping away at the ‘to do’ list and we are making good progress.  Most of the things we can live without for the next 3 weeks have been sorted and packed away and are awaiting trailer loading at a friends house.  There are a few boxes I intend to resort/repack just to make sure we are not packing any jetsam.  The laborious part has been going through a file cabinet worth of various papers from the past decades, sorting out what should be kept vs what can be recycled and what should be shredded.  Unfortunately my shredder is only willing to deal with 3 or 4 dozen sheets before it overheats and shuts down.  It requires at least half an hour of ‘rest’ before it is willing to start up again!

We have given up on the idea of a yard sale – too much work schlepping loads of things to another freinds’ house and a wasted day of sitting around while people paw through things.  The Goodwill store and varous neighbors are benefiting from our discards!

I’ve been getting the kids’s vaccinations updated and requests for medical records in to the doctor’s office.  We have 2 more dental visits I hope to squeeze in after school before we leave.  I’m still in a dialogue with Medi-Cal as to whether they can enroll me (and pay for the removal of the mole, which, naturally turned out not to be cancerous despite the indications to the contrary – good news but with $1500 of medical bills I wish I’d just ignored it!).  Hopefully we will have this resolved before we leave because I’m pretty sure they won’t cover me once we hit the state line.

The estimates on car repairs have been acquired – the good news is the brakes might be noisy but they are fine otherwise and the transmission is not in need of repair at this time!  The other service/repair estimates have totaled up to about $675 (oil change, new alternator, hitch repair/replacement, power steering service, new air filter, and AC repair).  Additional suggested work (as soon as we can afford it) include repair/replacement of the rack and pinion, some strut link repair, and plugging an oil and hydralic system leak.  With the 2 new tires, battery that was replaced a few months ago, new radiator and some other related temperature control thingy replaced last year while I was working, and brake work about a year ago I feel as if we will have nearly rebuilt this car!  After visiting four different repair places I’m somewhat soured on the entire profession of mechanics!

The moving/shipping estimates are all too expensive, ranging from a low of $1591 to a high of $2775 to ship what amounts to the contents of a 5×10 storage unit.  The U-haul trailer appears to be the way to go – that estimate is closer to $600 and even considering that it will slow us down and require more gas, it will be cheaper than the lowest shipping estimate.

We still haven’t sold our trailer – that is my biggest concern now.  We have had some interest but no offers so I’ll keep lowering the price incrementally until we do (I’ve already lowered it $1,000).  I had hoped to get what we paid for it but that seems unlikely at this point. This is disapointing and means we will arrive with very little capital to use for a new dwelling of some sort.  We may be looking at a sod house! Just kidding as I doubt the local permitting body will allow that!  A friend has started a writing campaign to the Ellen Degeneres show ( to see if she could help, but I view that as a long shot – probably as long as stopping in Vegas to play the slot machines and win our stake that way!  We appreciate the effort regardless!

School is winding down – I attended the Honors Awards Breakfast at middle school for my 6th grader (4.0 the entire year 🙂 this morning before heading to another auto shop for repair estimates and next week is the Volunteer Recognition Tea, and talent and art shows at the elementary school.  It’s an ending that is tinged with some saddness for the kids – saying good bye to friends and schools they like – but at the same time they are already turning their vision forward to the journey and ad


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4 Responses to Checklist

  1. Cindy says:

    I wish you all the luck. God speed. I hope life for you and your family turns out better on the other side of the rainbow. You are in my prayers.

  2. Donna says:

    Glad to hear the mole was not cancerous! That is really a big break. And I am glad you didn’t ignore it despite the cost.
    Sorry the trailer hasn’t sold; I hope that turns around quickly.
    Good luck!

  3. Patty says:

    What’s the deposit on the UHaul trailer? Could make for a dwelling if not returned…. Mostly joking! Not that I’m trying to make light of your situation, just thinking outside (inside?) the box. Good luck!

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