Clearing the Way

I got a phone call today, didn’t pick up as I was driving and don’t have handsfree bluetooth so the call went to voice mail.  It was the non-profit calling.  The interview was last Thursday and I felt it had gone reasonably well – well enough that I started thinking about what I’d need to do to make the job work (after school childcare for one thing) and how long it would be until we could save up enough to get out of this trailer.  I even spent some time mapping out a few ideas for fundraising for the organization.  But there remained an ambivalence about the possibility.  The kids didn’t know whether they should hope I was offered the job or not – like me they’ve become a bit invested in our other plan, but they liked the idea of not leaving friends and schools they like.

I waited until I was parked in front of the elementary school to check my messages.  It was a pleasure to meet me, the speaker said, and they were impressed with my experience and ideas…but…they selected a candidate who had prior management experience in their industry.  Good luck in my job hunt.

I was both disappointed and relieved as were the kids when I told them.  I think we’ve all had enough of the push-me/pull-you roller coaster with our attention and desires stretched in different directions.  It’s time to stop looking around and grabbing at straws and just focus on going forward.  It’s going to be tough enough of a move and life change without more distractions.

Warp Factor 4, Scotty!

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8 Responses to Clearing the Way

  1. bogart says:

    I don’t know what would have been “better” but I’m glad you have a clear sense of what the next steps will be (or at least what path they’ll be down) and, as ever, hope this will be a good move for you all!

  2. Barb says:

    How did your medical appointment turn out? I have been thinking of and praying for you on that.

    • boxcarkids says:

      It went fine – took a bit longer than expected and I have 5 or 6 stitches in my side now (eeww say the kids). I go back in a week to have stitches removed and get pathology results.

  3. Jynet says:

    I’m both sorry and relieved. I think the move and a fresh start will be better for both you and the kids. Good luck!

  4. Celeste says:

    Congratulations! I am happy that you got an answer so quickly, and I personally feel that this is the correct path for you at this time. I look forward to hearing about your eastward migration!

  5. Pam McCormick says:

    I feel the same as Lynda what’s that saying about “keep doing the same thing expecting different results”.When you start “fresh” wherever you choose I believe you will leave behind some of the things that MAY hold you back.Fresh start Fresh look at yourself your skills your life and FORWARD is always good.Also I believe as we all move forward it is going to be NEEDS that will continue to have jobs anything considered extra will go/be cut to the bone/eliminated.Even accual NEEDS are going to be scaled back to a thin line like teaching/healthcare/business.Watch what people still spend on no matter what.Add in an area where the economy has stayed fairly stable or go to an area with better benefits

  6. Merinda says:

    I just want to say best of luck in everything. I feel a bit relieved too, for you.

  7. Lynda says:

    For some reason I am relieved you did not get the job. I sit on the board of directors of two non-profits here in my county…a Community Foundation and our Economic Development Corporation…oh also our Chamber of Commerce. We have cut all of our paid positions! We had paid Directors and administrative staff…we cut all of their pay by half and then eliminated the positions and are just using volunteers. We combined our organizations to try and stretch our dollars…most non-profits just aren’t making it. I was worried the money would run out and you would be disappointed again. I feel in my bones you need to head off to your adventure…I think that’s where your future is…it’s just a feeling I have. FYI: Husband is on the mend..slowly but surely..thank you for your kind thoughts.

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