Time and Timing; a personal update

As much as I enjoy writing about robots and tiny houses and long term unemployment (seriously, I do), I know some of you like to hear about what’s up with us as well.  So now that March, a long dismal damp month, brightened only briefly by rainbows that purport to hide pots of gleaming gold, is nearly behind us here’s an update.

I very nearly finished cleaning out our storage unit.  It took longer than I had anticipated, partly due to a rainy weekend that interrupted my progress, and partly due to a certain indecisiveness on my part.  We have sorted and downsized our possessions so many times that we were mainly left with necessities, and belongings with personal meaning.  Not entirely of course, and we took several bags of books to the library for their booksale, dropped off scrapbook supplies and crayons and paper at school, passed on outgrown clothing to our neighbor’s daughters and even managed to sell a few things.  We also had a filing cabinet full of papers –  most of which can probably be discarded but all of which need looking through before tossing.

I say I almost cleared out our storage unit because I thought we had one more day than it turned out.  On the 27th, after a long stint of lifting and toting that left me sweaty and sore, I had 90 percent of the belongings moved to a friend’s house.  Thinking that since our bill was due on the 28th I would have until the evening of that day to move the rest, I dashed off to collect the kids from school.  When I returned on the 28th I was told I would need to pay the next month’s rent in order to gain access.

Our rent is more of a priority so I guess they are welcome to whatever I left!  I believe I got the important things out – including our camping equipment, winter clothes (the few not outgrown), books, and personal items.  Just another reminder that procrastination is not your friend!

A few of you may be aware that last month I finally saw a doctor about a mole that had grown dramatically and was told it should be removed asap.  The appointment was for the 29th so I had hoped to have that behind me but when I saw the doctor scheduled for the removal he brought in another doctor for a consultation.  After some discussion the consensus was that it would be a more extensive procedure than originally thought and so needed to be rescheduled.  At least that gives me a bit more time to get my Medi-cal paperwork processed before the medical bills come in.

March was a slow month as far as work went – it’s typically slow in the field of archaeology due to the usual winter rains.  It was slow for other work as well and for cat bed sales.  Another reminder of how close to the edge we live and the need for some reserves.  I do have a writing job lined up for April that will bring in nearly half of our rent.

But enough of the grim and gloomy!  Now for the upbeat updates!  All of the kids are doing well.  My youngest two don’t get grades per se, but their teachers sent home cheery notes declining a parent teacher conference on the grounds that both are doing well in their classes.  This is something of an achievement for my son who came home with deficits in both health and development.  And my oldest girls are my shining stars – both on honor roll (again) and excelling in their extracurricular activities.  I’m very proud of them.

And last, but not least, I’ve been invited to attend an interview panel for the position at the non-profit.  On a cautionary note I will say that the gentleman who called to schedule the interview said that they had received “a lot of applications, and would be interviewing a lot of applicants.”  They will be sending confirmation of the appointment time, as well as a writing exercise that the board would like completed before the interview next week.  I will go to the interview, and as a friend suggested, razzle-dazzle them and will no doubt be a lot more relaxed doing so, knowing that I have another option in my back pocket!

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8 Responses to Time and Timing; a personal update

  1. Lynn says:

    Best of luck with the interview tomorrow.

  2. Kelly says:

    Speaking of itty bitty Amazon checks, have you tried Amazon Mechanical Turk? The pay is tiny, but if you do many (nearly) mindless tasks for 30 minutes a day, you can add a few dollars to that account. Granted, an hours’ effort might get you only $.50, but if you do it like your swag bucks searches every day, you can add up to something decent.

  3. Donna says:

    You most likely will razzle dazzle at the interview and might even get the job. Desperation is not what employers are looking for, so that Plan A in your back pocket will definitely give you an edge. You just never know how things will turn out! Good luck.

  4. Lynda says:

    I’m so sorry you lost your things! It’s so strange how things work out. I was so excited about my new job oppertunity, but a week later my husband had a series of MI’s…congestive heart failure…6 way bypass and heart valve repair. I did not take the new job. I kept the job as Head Cook…less hours and less money…but also less stress. Hopefully another lucrative oppertunity comes my way once life settles down…if not I’m greatful for what I have.

    Have you decided when you will start out on your adventure?

    • boxcarkids says:

      Lynda- I am so sorry to hear that! Sometimes the timing is really against us, isn’t it? I hope your husband is recovering well. I have my job interview on Thursday, and when we know the results of that we will make our decision. If we leave it will be in mid-June after school gets out.

  5. Darlene says:

    Sorry for the lost items in storage. You seem okay with it but in your situation losing anything more must still sting some. I continue to pray for you and your family, and advise all my friends to click on your Amazon link before they shop!


    • boxcarkids says:

      Thanks – we get little checks from Amazon at the end of each month – just when we usually need some extra money!

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