Holiday Cheer

Like many of you we have been busy preparing for the holidays.  We got a tall thin artificial tree from a friend; it just fits into the corner in front of our bookcase. We have missed having a Christmas tree (no room in the old RV) and enjoyed decorating it with inexpensive and homemade ornaments.  We hung lights and a garland and stockings along the edge of our pop-out in the living room and made handcrafted presents for teachers just in time for the last day of school.

We have also been busy dealing with various things that are breaking around the house!  Our propane system sprung a leak, emptying out one tank entirely and putting an end to holiday baking since our stove and oven depend on propane.  Figuring out the problem, and fixing the leak, took some time but we are back on line as of today – just in time to bake and decorate cookies.

In an unrelated kitchen incident, the shelves in our pantry abruptly collapsed, dumping cans and pasta all over the floor!  The problem seems to be the very thin plywood used for interior walls and shelves.  They cannot support the weight of canned food, bags of flour, pasta and beans.  An interim repair lasted less than a day before the floor collapsed so I ended up ripping out the shelves.  We have another less than perfect interim solution – a small plastic shelf unit – but it doesn’t hold nearly the contents of the pantry so more food has been stored under my bed in a plastic tub.  I think a more permanent solution would require building a frame for shelves and, after shoring up the floor in some fashion, installing it in the tall narrow space.  I’ve ‘shelved’ that idea for now – too much other stuff on my plate.

I’ve also been working on my various part-time jobs.  I finished the archaeology survey report last Friday and sent it to the client along with the invoice only to receive an ‘out of office’ email in return.  The client is off on vacation and will return on January 3rd (and hopefully send a check soon after).  It was a good reminder of the importance of communication!

I put in quite a few hours doing eBay listings and helping to pack up my friend’s warehouse, finishing on Monday this week.  She’s been in this business for years but is finding it harder and harder to make a living so she’s pulling back and focusing just on her store.  I’ve sold a few cat beds, and made more (see the Etsy shop) and today submitted my first commercial blog post (I have a contract for 2 posts a week for 5 weeks at $15 a post).

In other employment news, there’s… no news!  No word from the school district on the Assistant Director of Nutrition job – and they are out for the holiday so I don’t expect I will hear until January if at all.  And speaking of school – I did get approved for a small amount of financial aid, enough to pay the tuition for the course I planned to begin in January but by the time I heard from the aid folks the course had completely filled up and is currently closed to new students.  So I’m a bit at loose ends now.  I have a paper to edit (a math professor’s journal article) and the blog posts to write but that’s all that has been scheduled.  I’m hoping things will pick up after the holidays.

I would like to thank all our readers who have contributed to our Holiday Cheer in many ways from shopping through our link to sending gifts and warm wishes for the New Year.  Your kindness is much appreciated and I assure you we will have a very happy Christmas this year.  I hope you will all enjoy the holidays with loved ones and stay safe in your travels!  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


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9 Responses to Holiday Cheer

  1. Dawn Michelle Howell says:

    I too am glad to hear that you and your family will have a good Christmas. My prayer for you in the new year is a good job that will provide for you all. May God bless!
    (Dawn) Michelle Howell

  2. Leslie says:

    It gives me so much comfort and inspiration to read your blogs and over the last couple of days, I was wondering if I would read anything before the holidays. Your post is like a Christmas card from an old friend. Our best wishes go to the whole family. In unrelated news, we have at least a foot of snow this morning in Colorado, so it is perhaps divine intervention that you are not here 🙂 (the propane issue would take on increasing importance). Rascal and Freckles and the boxcarkids have brought us so much joy. Thank you.

  3. Lisa M. says:

    At our university, the students on a waiting list are not automatically put into the class, so that the alert and obsessively checking students can get themselves into the class, bypassing some students on the waiting list. (this is with an online registration system that every student has access to. some students assume that being on the waiting list, they will get in as soon as a spot opens up, but (at my school) that isn’t so.)

  4. Jeannette says:

    Merry Christmas, glad you were able to fit a tree, I think out of all of this anxiety, and uncertainty, you and your children should if anything develop a good sense of humor, otherwise you all would be ready to jump ship.

    Whatever you are doing it’s working

    Peace, love and hugs

  5. Sheila says:

    Can you get on a waiting list for school? They do that for the community college here all the time.

  6. Linda P. says:

    Merry Christmas! I’m glad to hear that it will be a good one. I also wanted to mention a series on NPR called “Still No Job,” about those out of work for more than year. I thought you might already know about it, but, if not, you might find it interesting.

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