Just had to share this with you all – some of you may have seen it on 60 Minutes:

Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars

I’m impressed by the resiliancy of the children in this story.

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  1. Della says:

    Heartbreaking, yes, but also deeply touching and even encouraging. I do so love the spirit of adventure and hopefulness in the girl and boy with their father. Their father may be camera shy, but he’s sure got something to feel good about in the kids he’s raising! Those two brought tears to my eyes with a smile on my face! Never lose hope! I have had so many things I’ve been afraid of come to fruition and not be as desperate as I was sure they’d be…. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either, but the fear is worse than the reality, usually. I hope people took what that girl said to heart, about being grateful for what they have. I hope I continue to remember to take that to heart!!

  2. Lynn says:

    When I worked for the Welfare Dept right out of college (1970’s) , the people working in the field were well aware of a phrase I have never forgotten: “To qualify for help, people have to not only be poor, but ‘poor for the right reason'”. That was back in the day when fathers had to leave the family, because a family with a missing parent would qualify, but not one with two unemployed parents. We all knew it was crazy, but politics. Another issue: good thing the kids were white and good looking. If they had been black or Hispanic, if the Dad had been alcoholic, the scholarship would never have been offered. I am glad these kids will be helped, but there are so many more. As a society, we need to do much better for all our defenseless members, including the poor, the mentally ill, the addicted, including the unpleasant and unattractive ones.

  3. morrison says:

    FYI, CBS Scott Pelley, who did the report, announced today that several colleges have offered both the young girl and her brother (the children who sleep in the truck with their dad) full four year college scholarships.

    There are good people in America. Americans do take notice and help out as best they can.

    That young girl is an inspiration! We should all follow in her strength, determination and attitude.

    “This is life. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

  4. Jeannette says:

    This should be sent to every single politician in America, emailed, snail mailed and dropped off on their morning cup of coffee. This sickens me that anyone of us can be in the exact same situation at any time

  5. Consuelo says:

    60 Minutes is to be commended for doing this story. I agree with the other comments–just shocking.

  6. debbieo says:

    We know a family of 5 who lived in their van for a few weeks until they could get a camper. They are still in their camper as we are. I need to go visit them. They are only 35 miles or so away from me. Their family and our both ended up moving 12 hours away from where we used to live and knew each other.
    I read nearly every day, dont always comment but pray for you. Hang in there.

  7. cs says:

    I watched this when they went to Florida earlier this year and watched this episode – don’t you just have to ask yourself how is it non of our elected leaders ever see these reports? How could anyone look themselves in the mirror fighting over ridiculous crap, billions of dollars and these two kids live out of bank bags hanging in a truck.

  8. V's Herbie says:

    heartbreaking, and deeply scary.

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