Tomorrow is my birthday and I hope to celebrate by opening my Etsy store (Boxcarkids) with lots of hand knit and felted cat beds (also appropriate for small dogs, or so my rat terriers inform me)!  We don’t plan on doing anything special tomorrow to celebrate otherwise – I’m trying to lose weight so cake and ice cream are not on the menu.  I’m sure I’ll get a lot of Happy Birthday hugs! And my best friend from graduate school gave us a one month pass to our local YMCA (which should help with the weight loss plan) for a birthday/holiday gift – we tried it out yesterday with a swim in the pool.  It will be a godsend over the winter break when we’ll want to get out of the trailer!  And on the weekend I have a special gift from another friend – a night in the local Holiday Inn, all by myself!  I’m planning a long soak in a hot bubble bath and a good night’s sleep in a bed – all alone.  The kids all have fun sleepovers planned so it will be a treat for all. 

No word from any of the jobs I’ve recently applied for but I’ve lined up another potential editing job and a little data collection task – those will help pay a few bills. 

We got a little tall and skinny Christmas tree from my friend who has a warehouse sale and found a small corner in which to place it and hung garlands and stockings from the ledge of our pop-out.  Next weekend we’ll make gingerbread Christmas cookies (teachers’ gifts) and some more homemade ornaments – then I’ll take some photos and post them.  We hope everyone is also enjoying preparing for their holiday celebrations!

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  1. Lynn says:

    I always used to be able to find your blog by just doing a google search on theboxcarkids blog, but for the last week or so that hasn’t worked. I don’t know what the problem is but thought I’d let you know and see if other readers are finding this.

  2. Dely says:

    Just a suggestion – but on your Etsy photos you need something to show the size. The photos look good, but the bed could be 4 inches to 2 feet across. Maybe a ruler? Or something everyone knows for reference?

    I know you say it is 15 inches, but you need the picture to grab people before they get to the actual description.

  3. Consuelo says:

    Get friendly with the staff at the Y during the month of December. We belong to a Y out here (Boston area) and there are many families with free memberships which are paid for my private fundraising. Every Y I’ve ever belonged to (Nashville, Cincinnati, Boston, New Haven, NYC) has had no cost memberships for those who cannot pay. If you could get one, this would be a fantastic way for you to work out (weight loss, stress reduction) and for the kids to keep busy. Please check this out!

    • boxcarkids says:

      Our Y does not have free memberships – just reduced rate ones ($50-$55 a month) and you can only have them for 6 months. Then you have to quit (which we did before) or switch to the $86 a month regular membership. We will enjoy it while we can!

      • Rosa says:

        Is there a scholarship program? We donate to our Y’s scholarship fund for families – having access to play & study space, as well as showers, is a huge benefit for families who don’t have it at home for whatever reason (when we had plumbing problems, we all showered there for a few weeks ourselves).

      • boxcarkids says:

        There is but it just makes the membership around $55 instead of $86, and is only good for 6 months.

  4. Marci says:

    Happy Birthday! I am sure that cake and ice cream eaten on your birthday have NO calories ;-P

  5. OneFamily says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your night at the hotel – that sounds like heaven 🙂

  6. Lynn says:

    Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet, and get a good night’s sleep! (A rare thing with kids and dogs in any case).

  7. Rona says:

    Happy B day! I hope you took advantage of the variety of freebees given out there for your birthday. Since i have very little in regards to funds me and my daughter always run about and wrack up. lol

    That day at the holiday inn sounds great what good friends you have.

  8. bogart says:

    Happy birthday — a night alone is a fabulous thing! I hope you’ll be able to sleep in. Wonderful news about the pool, too — that is a real blessing with little ones (and medium-sized too, I’m guessing).

    • boxcarkids says:

      Yes, and the best thing is my kids understand! They all enjoy sleepovers with friends and this is sort of Mom’s sleepover (alone). We had hoped to take classes at the Y but they won’t let us sign up since our membership is just for December and the classes go until February. Even so my oldest and I will hit the cardio room and the little kids can play in the kids area while we are there and then we’ll all swim on weekends and during winter break.

  9. Barb says:

    My oldest son turns 21 tomorrow also! Big day for him and you 😉
    Happy Birthday!

  10. Rachael says:

    I forgot, you have the same birthday as me! I have nothing planned and no idea of any plans going on (other than I got all my ‘free sandwich’ coupons for signing up on websites, had a Which Wich today)… I am kinda… not jealous but I could really appreciate a night alone in the Holiday Inn! You have fun now, y’hear?? 🙂

    Happy Birthday, in advance!

    • boxcarkids says:

      And Happy Birthday back to you!! I have not had a night to myself in over 2 years and I cannot wait! It will be so quiet and peaceful!

      • Sheila says:

        I hope you get the quiet and peaceful. I get snoring through the walls, smoke filtering into my “Nonsmoking” room, Kids running in the halls, Vacuuming housekeepers at @0830. doors slamming and showers running starting at 0600.
        Take a nice bubble bath. The TV remote is yours!

      • boxcarkids says:

        Ha! I’ll remember to pack ear plugs!

  11. Casey says:

    I checked Etsy for you and I was able to find your shop by searching for Boxcarkids. How exciting! Hope you have a lovely birthday and the treat at the Holiday Inn sounds like fun!

  12. Rita says:

    I’m excited to see your esty store. There are many around the country that make many beautiful items to sell. I’ve bought more on etsy this year than ever and plan to buy more each year. I want the items I buy to be made in the USA by those who have special talents and many do not have a regular job. I really hope your esty store opens and sells out quick. God Bless.

    • boxcarkids says:

      Thanks! I just listed one item as a test – do me a favor and see if you can find the store just searching for Boxcarkids. Once I’m sure it’s working I’ll add a link to the blog.

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