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First, thank you to everyone who responded to my post about Tricia.  After talking to Ben I realized I didn’t have any photos of Tricia – she wasn’t happy about her appearance and it felt too intrusive to take her photo, and our encounters weren’t usually the the things you’d photograph.  I do have one of Ben, when we brought him a cake for his birthday.  So I wanted to remember her in some way and writing some of my memories seemed the best.  I’m afraid Ben will disappear back onto the street – it was Tricia’s disability check that paid for the motel room (or at least part of it, the Salvation Army paid the rest).  I will have to make it a point to stay in touch – he has the tracfone I bought Tricia so he can reach me if he needs to.  He quit drinking while Tricia was in the hospital/hospice – I hope he can stick with it now.

Thanks also to everyone who has been doing Holiday shopping at Amazon through the link in the blog – they deposited a small amount in my bank account today so we are ready to pay rent on Thursday.  Please keep it in mind if you do Amazon shopping – doesn’t cost you any more but does provide a small commission (8%) for us.

I turned in the rest of the required things for the job with the school district today – my food safety certification (thanks to the readers who pointed to ServSafe), DMV report (all good 🙂 and proof of insurance.  The application period closes tomorrow – not sure how long it will be before they decide who to interview. I think I’ll continue the online training – if I make it to the interview it will be good to have a few more classes under my belt.  I was chatting with a secretary at the middle school the other day and she suggested filling out job interest cards for ‘any and all’ positions since they pull folks in to sub from those cards so I plan on heading down tomorrow and doing just that.  I wouldn’t mind working in the school district – with 4 kids in local schools I have a vested interest!  And I need another source of income as one of my eBay jobs will disappear in a few weeks – my friend has decided to get out of business.  It’s too hard to make it these days – the auction prices are up as more people get into the estate and storage auctions (some TV show popularized it I hear) and it’s hard, dirty work – lots of loading and unloading and hauling.  So I’m going to list as many things as possible in the next few weeks in hopes that it gets us through December.  I’m also continuing to apply for other jobs – mostly temporary holiday positions at this time of year.

I spent today trying another fix-it project; I was trying to get a virus off our desktop computer when the pantry door popped open and disgorged several shelves worth of canned food onto the floor!  Very startling!  It sent the cat skittering under the bed and caused the dogs to sit up and bark an alarm. I thought we’d had an earthquake but it turned out that the flimsy plywood floor of the pantry had collapsed under the weight of the food, causing the plastic shelf unit to tilt.  Even these “Park” model RVs are not of very sturdy construction.  After some consideration I came up with one of my jury-rigged fix-its and headed off to Lowe’s for some hardware.  By removing the drawer beneath the pantry floor – which was actually stuck since the floor had subsided into it – I was able to put two 1×1 braces cross-wise under the floor and attach them to the more sturdy walls.  It wasn’t easy since I had to crouch down on the floor and do it all by touch – not enough space for my head!  But I think it will hold for awhile (I hope).  It took most of my morning (had to charge my drill – love power tools).  I particularly dislike spending time on these sort of tasks, partly because I never feel 100 percent up to the task at hand, and partly because I prefer to create instead of fix things!

It was always my downfall as a home owner – good at decorating, not so good at maintenance!  We have too many maintenance projects here – the electricity in the bathroom, the toilet that always runs, the plumbing that keeps getting backed up – but we will continue to work around most of them as we turn to decorating for the holidays!  This year I think we might be able to fit in a little table top-sized tree (we have some ornaments in storage) and if I can get the outdoor plug to work we’ll string up some lights.  It’s going to be a frugal Christmas (hey, little tree, little presents right?) but we have an oven so we can bake cookies; we can’t afford the annual family portrait Christmas card, but that just means an extra special card as my artistic daughter is going to draw it and I’ll email it to family and friends to save postage. And we will look forward to the New Year in hopes that it will be a better one.

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  1. Lisa M. says:

    I would think the drawn portraits would be more amazing and special anyway….if I were a recipient, I would prefer those. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder about amazon from me as well.

  2. Rona says:

    I’m sorry about your friend. 🙁 I hope her partner copes well. Its so hard to loose someone.

    on another topic i think subbing is a great idea. Don’t forget the office pools for universities. 😉 i use Microsoft security essentials on my computer its great and best of all free! been using it for about 2 years on 2 computers works way better then the crappy Norton I paid for. lol It has caught every virus so far. As good as anything you could pay for in my opinion if you have a PC.

    Here is the link.

  3. Lise says:

    I’d like to know how the Amazon thing works too! I see a Kindle ad, a big boxy “shop Amazon” ad, and then further down “shop holiday toy list” and “shop Amazon’s holiday countdown store”. If I click on any of those links, and then go use the search field to buy something else, do you get a commission? (I just tried that with a “learn German” book.)

    • boxcarkids says:

      Yep, that’s it. Just click on any link on the blog and it will take you to Amazon where you can shop as you normally do and we’ll get the commission. Thanks!

  4. Maryl says:

    In regard to the family Christmas photo, do you have a digital camera, and maybe a friend who can hold it steady enough to take a picture of you at some really pretty spot? That’s really all you need.

  5. Lynn says:

    GREAT idea about getting on the sub list. You’re qualified to teach Community College so the Elementary/Secondary district should be thrilled to have you. I do think you have a good chance at the food management position, too.

    Second the idea about the rosemary ” Christmas trees”. Trader Joe has them but they do sell out quickly. Cute, inexpensive, smell wonderful, and after the holiday you have a start on a fresh herb garden.

    I’d be thrilled to shop through your link and get you 8%, but I am a techno-dope. I don’t even SEE the link! Tell me how and I’ll do it.

    • boxcarkids says:

      There is an unobtrusive link on the left hand side – it’s an ad, if you click you’ll go to Amazon and I’ll get my little commission (just checked and it’s 6.5% but hey- everylittle bit helps!

      • Lynn says:

        I did it…at least I think I did…let me know if it didn’t work. (I know the order went through, just don’t know about the commission.)Just looked like my usual Amazon page.

  6. bogart says:

    Thanks for the Amazon reminder; I’ve got a cart I’m filling up and am happy to click through from you to buy it.

    Is one of those rosemary “trees” an option? We have used them some years we don’t want a real tree — love the smell and keep the plant for use in recipes later. Don’t know if that would appeal to you and yours or not but they can be quite affordable.

  7. OneFamily says:

    I’m glad I read your blog first thing this morning! I have a few Amazon purchases to make for Christmas presents this morning, so good to know that I can go through your link. Hope it helps a little.

  8. Kathy says:

    Thinking of you during this time of the loss of your friend.
    I am wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Small presents are fine, family is what is important! I did my Amazon shopping via your link. It wasn’t much but it was a little something.
    Subbing in the school system might be an income source, my niece is able to do quite a bit of substitute teaching. I sell on eBay, too, and agree that it gets harder every single day to make it. I depend upon eBay sales to pay health insurance for my son and myself, not a small amount!
    Keep up with the good attitude!!!

  9. Em says:

    I’m so glad the ServSafe worked out! I hope they give you a look. You have certainly put in a lot of effort to apply and that shows that you will be dedicated and like you said you have a vested interest in the school.
    I think you should apply to sub for sure! It’s great work and you should be more than qualified. I know a lot of subs who basically work full time because the district is big enough to call them nearly every day. It doesn’t get you benefits, but the pay is good enough and it could get you an in to teach. I don’t know the requirements where you are, but here in Ohio I’m pretty sure you would be qualified to teach something in the sciences. They will hire you for the first year and then that summer you are required to go get you “teaching block” of classes to be certified. Maybe 5 classes?
    Keep at it every day. I have a feeling that you will be on your feet very soon! You can do it!!

  10. Rita says:

    Ask around a plumber could be willing to fix any plumbing type problem for
    Christmas. Maybe one of your friends will know someone. Can’t hurt to ask. I’ve let several things go simply because it seems they just mounted up to a huge problem and then I felt discouraged as if it would never all be done.

    Getting ready for Christmas here to. Just a small tree but twinkle lights are cheap and amazing. Heart lifting. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

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