An Aside

Thank all of you for your support.  My outlook has improved thanks to you and being pain-free (a friend sent me something to help with the migraines).  I’ve landed a little writing job through my craigslist ad (ghostwriting) and am talking to a couple people about helping out with their eBay stores.  I’m partway through the child nutrition courses recommended by Lynda in preparation for my application (due mid-Nov) for the assistant director of food services job with the local school system.  So I continue to move ahead, even though it often seems like the dying salmon’s upstream fight!

Now I’m off to the children’s museum to MC the Archaeology Month Program.

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3 Responses to An Aside

  1. Becky R says:

    I am praying that things continue to look up. Also that you will be able to pay all Oct. bills, and not stress so much about the bills.

    Also praying you can have some special relaxing times with the kids free of finacial demands and low income stress.

  2. Rachel says:

    Awesome! It’s great you’re studying up for the nutrition position and it’s doubly great you’ve been able to tackle those migraines. I’ve never had one but seeing my husband suffer lets me know they’re something awful. Good good luck with the eBay stores in the meantime!

  3. E says:

    Just found this and thought of it would help in maybe writing your book???
    (… good luck!!!

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