It was a transitional week.  The little kids were initially delighted to attend after school care with their friends but by the end of the week they were longing for some relaxed family time.  Naturally evenings were somewhat more rushed as we condensed homework, reading, dinner, baths, and the bedtime routine into a fewer hours.  We were late getting to bed most nights, and correspondingly grumpy in the morning.

I bought my older girls bus passes (10 rides for $11.00) and they are seeing what its like to rely on the city transportation to get to and from school.  I can tell you one thing – the bus driver doesn’t turn around like mom does if you forget your lunch!  It’s also a bit harder if they want to go to a friend’s house after school or on the days when their schedules don’t mesh (high school and middle school have different ‘short’ days).

The dogs are also having to adjust to less family time and I’m sorry to say they haven’t yet adapted their potty schedule to our later arrival.  In our old house(s) they always had a yard and doggie door. They’ve also decided to entertain themselves in our absence with whatever they can dig out of the trash can!  It has a button on the lid that you push to open it – what can I say, rat terriers are smart!  Not a fun scene to come home to with grumpy hungry kids in tow!  I’m planning to get a heavier metal trash can that requires you to step on a lever to open it – they are small dogs and I’m pretty sure that smart as they are they won’t be able to beat that.

And as for work – I did put in my 30 hours and will be able to see it in my paycheck in 2 weeks.  But it’s hard to work twice as many hours without twice as much to do (actually I could use about 5 times as much to do, work is that slow).  I also filled out enrollment papers for health and dental insurance (my coverage starts next month).  That wasn’t as much of a high as I’d anticipated as it was preceded by the dismissal of another employee earlier in the week and followed by the boss intimating that she was disappointed in the lack of new projects coming in!  I can see her position – not only are they paying me more since I’m working more, but the benefits will cost them as well.  I really hope the economy will start heating up and more construction projects will begin – but at the same time I’m just not hopeful.  I need this to work – this or something else.  I need several months of decent paychecks to build up a small safety net, get some car repairs done and repay some debts.  Small enough goals but not ones I feel certain of reaching.

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  1. I logged on to comments to say I bet that these dogs, working in tandem can open the locked can with foot step. Could you put the can on the counter when you leave in the morning, if you can think of I would rather clean the counter where it sat than the contents of the can from the floor. In the sink? Across the sink? Can you keep the trash can and attach it to something…like docdave with a bungee cord or put it in chair or something that does not involve buying and spending.

    After-school care does not include homework time? Can you request they be given time. Even if you want to be the one to help and have final say if it is done right, maybe a little bit of progress can be done.

    Even though I was a sahm, I took snacks in the car to pick them up just to tame the little beasts…lol. More can be fed at home if need be. That might not work…just a thought. Even a pbj, left in the car all day, might be welcome.

    • Jerry says:

      The simplest solution is also the most labor- and time-intensive: take out the trash every morning when you leave. Of course, liner bags ain’t cheap, so I usually try to get two or three uses out of each liner. Assuming that it hasn’t gotten too gooey.

  2. Lisa M. says:

    I don’t know if this is helpful, but here goes. I was thinking about you needing to bring in more work, and the general dearth of construction in this economy. Are there any non-profit types of outfits that want to do new construction, but will be applying for funding to do so?

    I’m a biology professor, and when I apply for research money, the grant application is always viewed more favorably if I have done my homework on feasibility, etc.

    So these non-profit types, looking to apply for money to use for new construction, presumably their applications would be viewed more favorably too, if they had considered the effects their new construction would have. This is where your company comes in. Is there a way to offer a pre-construction evaluation service at a reasonable cost, that would allow the non-profit to state that they have undergone consultation on the impacts their new construction would have? This would offer you a way to do your job without actually having new construction happening.

    I don’t know if I remember enough about what you do to make useful suggestions; if not, I apologize.

  3. docdave says:

    the trash can challenge is a favorite terrier sport. Our pair (a fox terrier and an elderly airedale) have finally been stymied by my wedging the kitchen trash can under the edge of a low-framed table. It’s a plastic one, with both a pedal and a “lock,” that proved no match for the Terrible Twins until we gave it some extra protection. I use a spare bungee sometimes to ensure that the can stays where it’s supposed to.

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