Day 2 of Reworking the Sow’s Ear

We will not be done by Friday morning!  Today my youngest two went to Vacation Bible School with our neighbor and my older daughters and I continued painting nearly all surfaces with primer.  My children are all very artistic, but painters they are not.  And I can’t really claim to be all that proficient at it either as mindless activities bore me and I frequently seek to cut corners.  Between our abilities and the time pressure I’d have to say our effort was somewhat slapdash and we are all wearing numerous paint splatters! Originally I only intended to paint out the dark wood paneling and the red and black paint but I discovered the bathroom wasn’t white as I’d thought before but instead was gray and the ‘master’ bedroom was dingy and in need of a fresh coat as well.  So we are painting everything.

The kids are in rush to move in but I wasn’t comfortable with that so today I moved the somewhat flimsy mattress off the built in bed and discovered the foundation was just as flimsy, and falling apart.  The under the bed storage was  packed full of silver insulation material.  I pulled it out and gave it to my oldest to carry outside.  Luckily she made it out the door before she discovered it was harboring a colony of pincher bugs!  I think all the neighbors heard her exclamation as she tossed it all on the ground!  I demolished the bed platform – the carpet is filthy and full of mildew.  We will need to put new flooring in there as well.   I am getting rid of the bed that was in there and we are mulling over whether to try and fit kids beds in there or keep it as mom’s room.  Either way I’m downgrading to a full sized bed to make more room for bookshelves or desk or some other useful piece of furniture.  There is so much more to be done than I thought.

The bottom of the closet is falling in (see photo), there are mouse droppings in all the cupboards, the water heater needs to be restarted but was installed in a way that makes it nearly inaccessible!  Several of the floor vents are broken (covered by pieces of wood and throw rugs) and were fairly disgusting inside.  So we are begging for another day (and I wish I had more professional help and more money) before we have to pull out the old trailer.  The floor should go in tomorrow and then we still need to paint over the primer, fix what we can and move our belongings in.  We will have to wait for furnishings but we do have an army cot and a blow up bed in storage that we can use.


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11 Responses to Day 2 of Reworking the Sow’s Ear

  1. docdave says:

    years ago I bought a travel trailer to live in from an elderly couple who were as good-hearted and honest as the day is long…and spent the next 6 months troubleshooting all of the things they’d not had the money or knowledge or awareness of to address. I was single young guy with tools and applicable OJT so it wasn’t so awful but it was still an annoyance–but at the end I had some sense of accomplishment and investment beyond the purchase price in the little rolling house.

    The “floating floor” stuff (lynn’s note) is the bomb for DIY reflooring, but even screaming yellow lino would beat the pink carpet. Mine had reddish-pink shag in one bedroom. The old folks had chosen it specially! Sigh….

  2. jz says:

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  3. maja says:

    Lordy that is a lot of stuff you’ve gotta fix!! I find dead pincher bugs in my house on a regular basis. Never alive. We call them earwigs in Australia.

    Good luck getting everything done!

  4. Rachael says:

    Geez. between the old and new trailer you are becoming quite uh, practiced at DIY repairs! Looking on the bright side, you are all gaining some skills there. So, there’s that.

  5. Lynn says:

    i don’t remember if I mentioned but I was at Lowe’s a couple days ago and they recc a floor covering that is edge glued only. That way it stays very water resistant
    and is easy to install, “floats” over floor imperfections,plus not a lot of mess to take it up when you want to.Comes in a wood grain or tile pattern, not expensive. Carpets, ugh. I never used one again after I saw one being taken out of my previous home.

  6. Jeannette says:

    An inspection on a RV seriously, geez louise
    I do agree you can’t alway know whats behind the doors, but with any new purchase we like to make it ours and modifiy it to our liking, I feel like I am watching an episode of HGTV, I can’t wait to see the final results. If we are voting, I thought in the beginning the bigger bedroom would work better for the bunk beds. Okay so you didn’t ask, but I would be yelling at the tv the same way,, lol

  7. Brandon says:

    Thanks for reminding me that there is no such thing as a good deal.

  8. Kathy says:

    I am sorry things are more difficult and more expensive than you thought they would be. That seems to happen a lot for all of us! I do hope you are able to successfully overcome these setbacks and make this a nice, comfortable home for you and your children. Wishing you the best, don’t give up! Keep us updated with your progress!

    • boxcarkids says:

      We are pressing on! Since we need more flooring we will probably forego having the floors installed and try it ourselves. I’m glad we are tearing down and starting fresh – I would not feel comfortable otherwise. I went back over tonight and discovered the sink is leaking but that I think I can fix myself!

      • Jynet says:

        I sent something that might help with getting the floors done… at least I hope it will 🙂

        I wouldn’t have felt comfortable otherwise either! Infestation of pincher bugs? Just the sound of it! Blech! LOL.

  9. Lynn says:

    Wow. I guess we can’t expect a seller to show what’s behind the art or under the rugs, but ugh, that is disappointing. I guess next time you buy, spring for an inspection like they do on houses? ( Though we did that and still got some yucky surprises on our house. ) Well, now that you had to rip a lot of stuff out, it’s a blank slate and you can make it what you want. A home always feels more like “yours” and not “theirs” after you repaint and rip out the old carpet. At least it will smell clean and fresh. It’s summer, so the paint will dry fast and you have more daylight hours. I just hope it can feel like the home you and the kids pictured soon.

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