Cyber Deals (a mostly kids-free post)

I’m not the master of frugal living by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m not really willing to spend a lot of time and energy on it – not like the woman I spotted at the grocery store recently who trailed along after her cart-pushing husband with a huge 3-ring binder filled with coupons and a checklist in hand!  But since money is tight, now more so than ever, I do try to live frugally.  In addition to cutting back on all sorts of things, I look for deals and ways to stretch the money we do have.   Some of the deals are ones my mom used – such as clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper (which my youngest daughter loves to do) and shopping at yard sales and thrift stores.  Others are more 21st Century and these cyber deals are the ones I want to discuss today. The deals I use most frequently can be grouped into Earning Points, Cyber Coupons, and Purchasing Deals.

Earning Points:

My Points ( : At My Points you earn points by reading emails, searching the web, shopping, answering surveys, playing games and booking travel.  Then you can redeem those points for gift cards for stores, restaurants, gas or travel.  You can also earn points by referring your friends (unfortunately they don’t have a way to link sign ups through my blog – friends have to be specifically referred).  Like Groupon, My Points also has limited time, limited quantity deals you can purchase. The neat thing about their deals is you can save money purchasing the deal (for example $50 worth of food at a local restaurant for only $20) and earn points at the same time.  I’ve been a My Points member for 4 years, during which time I’ve earned 68,000 points, redeeming them for gift cards.  I’ll admit I earned most of those points back in the day when I shopped online frequently – these days I earn points reading emails and answering surveys (5 to 75 points each) so it takes longer to build up my point balance.  I tend to get gas gift cards when I redeem points these days.  Gift cards are sent free of shipping charges and tend to take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

SwagBucks ( : A reader mentioned SwagBucks (SB) to me recently and when I went to check it out I discovered I’d signed up for an account sometime previously but never used it.  Like My Points, SwagBucks is all about earning (bucks instead of points) by doing things you might already do online – like search the web, shop, answer surveys, play games and watch TV.  In addition SB has random winners, swagbuck codes you can find and enter, and allows you to connect on FaceBook to earn more bucks.  You may have noticed the SB widget on my blog page – I haven’t tried it out but I think you can join SwagBucks through that portal and we’ll both earn bucks!  Unlike My Points SB allows you to redeem your earnings for more than just gift cards.  You can purchase merchandise (jewelry, apparel, appliances, makeup, trading cards), download songs, digital wallpaper or E-Books,  get gift cards (even gift cards for Paypal which is one way of turning your swagbucks into really money) or buy chances in sweepstakes.  I haven’t earned enough bucks to redeem them for rewards so I can’t tell you how easy it is. 

Cyber Coupons

I use a service called ( to electronically load coupons on my grocery store club cards.  You just create an account, register your club cards and then select the coupons you want.  When you purchase the item at the grocery store and swipe your card, the coupon savings is applied.  I find this a super easy way to ‘clip’ coupons. The downside is that unless I print a list of the coupons I’m likely to forget which coupons I have.  Like paper coupons (which you can also download and print from the Shortcuts website) these expire by a certain date.  And some of the coupons are only good at one store or another adding to the record keeping you need to do to get the most benefit from the service.  Shortcuts also has a cash back savings section with links to online merchants offering cash back (between 1 to 7 percent).  I haven’t used that service as I don’t do much online shopping and when I do I prefer to earn points through My Points. 

Purchasing Deals: (  Groupon provides limited time, limited quantity deals that you can personalize by providing information about yourself (age, gender, zip code).  Frequently these deals are for discounted services, sometimes for merchandise.  You purchase the deal and then are emailed the coupon or code that you need to redeem it.  Here’s how they describe it; “Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. We send the deals to thousands of subscribers in our free daily email, and we send the businesses a ton of new customers.”  I have used Groupon a couple times – once for a 50% discount at a bookstore and another time for a similar discount at a clothing store.  Aside from the store clerks having some difficulty figuring out how to key in the discount in their computers it worked as advertised. 

And More:

In addition to these types of cyber deals I look for local deals on Craigslist.  I wish you could set up a search alert with Craigslist so that I didn’t have to search it as often (I’m looking for jobs, and a new trailer or other housing situation).  I’ve tried Freecycle and I know some people love it but I didn’t really ever find anything I wanted, or have much success in giving away the things I had. I’ve read about NeighborGoods – a site that helps you connect up with folks in your neighborhood who have things to loan or that they want to borrow, but haven’t tried it because it isn’t established in my neighborhood as yet.  If you live in a big city it might be available to you. 

What Cyber Deals do you use?

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8 Responses to Cyber Deals (a mostly kids-free post)

  1. Rona says:

    I love swagbucks I make 50 – 75 dollars a month in either amazon giftcards or paypal cash. some months I make $100. I find it to be so easy.

  2. Belinda Gomez says:

    Groupon’s terrible for small businesses. Living Social is better.

  3. Grace says:

    I really like Groupon and LivingSocial because they tend to provide coupons for local trendy (i.e. not franchise) restaurants and businesses. Restaurants here seemed to have figured out how to use them, so I’ve never had a problem. They also have the occasional 3 Redbox codes for $1.00, which I often use. I also signed up for the Google version of Groupon but haven’t actually used it so far. I think it’s still in Beta testing. I note that LivingSocial has some great ‘getaway’ bargains, but since I can’t afford to get away even with a coupon, I haven’t tried them yet. I love MyPoints (and it’s sister site, MySurvey). From MyPoints, I get Starbucks gift cards (which I use for myself) and from MySurvey, I get cash through Paypal.

  4. Barb says:

    As someone who lives on a pension, one of the things I dont see mentioned (you may wish to get a second free email address for this is to simply register at every store that you would shop at if you could as an email subscriber. In the past week I have gotten a ten dollar off ten dollar coupon from jc penney, a 25 off 25 or more coupon off casual male, a coupon for free panties from victorias secret, a coupon for a free arby
    s sandwich, and free pack of male underwear from addidas. I also always get free meals on my birthday, as do all my children as I register their birthdays.

    The second thing I dont see listed is to choose a “deal website” such as passion for savings and the like so you can be aware of all the full sized freebies and special deals and how you get them.

  5. I love Swagbucks. I redeem my points for Amazon gift cards, and use those to pay for a lot of the gift giving I do (Christmas, birthdays, etc.). I always make a minimum of $10-$15 a month this way… and it all adds up at Christmas time!

  6. Lisa M. says:

    If it helps, you can refer me as a friend to mypoints. Mail me and I’ll give you whatever contact info you need. I do a fair amount of shopping online, and if you would get a cut of points when I did, that would be great.

    • boxcarkids says:

      Thanks! If anyone else is interested here’s how it works:
      Step 1:
      Enter your friends’ names and email addresses in the Refer Friends form plus an optional short message.
      Step 2:
      MyPoints will send a personalized invitation, addressed from you, to each of your friends.
      Step 3:
      If your friends join MyPoints through the link in your invitation email they will become part of your network and you will earn 10% of all their eligible Points.
      Step 4:
      Sign-up Bonus: Once your friend joins MyPoints and makes a merchant purchase (other than Amazon and Games) of at least $20 (excluding taxes, shipping & handling, and any special processing fees) through the website and emails (including BonusMails), MyPoints will award both you and your friend 750 Points each!

  7. V's Herbie says:

    Not specifically a money saving tip, but you can set up a google alert that will search craigslist for you every day.

    go to

    and in keyword enter what you are looking for followed by site: (your local craigslist URL)

    it will e-mail you or add a listing to your feed reader as often as you set.

    Like this if you wanted puppies in yuma… puppies site:

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