Here Comes the Sun

Thanks to a brainstorm idea by an RV friend of ours I think we have bought ourselves a little time on the leak issue. He suggested unhooking the city water (already turned off) and just filling the fresh water tank and seeing if we still had the leak. We do still have a leak, but only a drip, not a flood, and only when the bathroom water is used. We already use the park showers (since our tub is full of laundry and recycling) so if we switch to brushing teeth and washing hands in the kitchen we will have only very limited use of water in the bathroom. This will at least get us through this spring break week and allow me to take a more measured approach to any repairs.

Thank you to the well wishers – my daughter had a good audition (Community Theater production of the King and I) and I’m cautiously optimistic about my phone interview (more of a preliminary conversation as the position is reliant on grant funding still a month away). We are both now in the waiting for call back mode!

In the meantime, in addition to the regular job search, I have both a ‘Senior Expo’ with job fair this weekend and the conference on The Green Military and accompanying job fair to attend in a few weeks.

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4 Responses to Here Comes the Sun

  1. adopt313 says:

    Hi – just worried – it’s been so long since you’ve posted. Hoping all OK – OR that maybe you have started a JOB!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    I am so glad you got a good temporary “fix”going. I hope you and the kids still get to go to Legoland? Our spring break was over yesterday but hope your kids’ isn’t.

  3. V's Herbie says:

    Oh no! What a mess! I’m glad you were able to buy yourself some time, but water issues only get worse, as you’re learning. Have you thought about calling a general purpose plumber? They might be cheaper than an RV specialist.

  4. bogart says:

    Oh dear (on the leak), glad there may be a plausible workaround. In fact (though with 4 kids this may be too much to stand) I’m reminded that when RVing without water hookups we’ve been known just to bring a big jug (e.g. 2 liter soda bottle that’s empty) into the RV … not enough for anything major, obviously, but OK for rinsing dishes and brushing teeth, and requires only that the drain part of the system be functional. Good luck.

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