Sundays are laundry day around here and this morning I was halfway to the Laundromat when my eldest called to say the trailer was leaking – well, gushing – water and the neighbors were complaining. So I turned around and headed home. By then the neighbor had shut off the water at the intake and the flood had become a series of steady drips all along one side of the trailer, further proof that the trailer isn’t quite level. I have to admit I already knew that the leak I thought I’d plugged during the bathroom floor repair wasn’t the only leak because the newly laid tiles have already started peeling up from the damp surface below. In fact the other day I started a post about how I was going to have to revisit that floor repair!

I checked under both the kitchen and bathroom sinks – all was dry, no leaks to be found. I checked under the bed (storage compartment that leads to the outside). It was perfectly dry. The leak is between the floor and the base of the trailer. The moment I’ve feared since buying the trailer and figuring out that the ‘soft spots’ in the floor that the salesman assured me were no cause for concern were going to be a problem; the moment I had hoped to avoid altogether by getting us out of this box and into a real home before the floor rotted out beneath our feet has arrived. What was once a small leak has clearly grown considerably and water is not dripping but flowing from it. We can’t turn the water back on – we will have to pull up the floor – all of the floor – and find and repair the leak. We can’t do this while we live in the trailer which means probably moving back into tents (which means buying one since I tossed our old one when we moved into the trailer), finding a temporary home for the cat, and moving most of our belongings out of the trailer and into an already crowded storage unit. Guess I shouldn’t have downsized storage! I’ll need to call around tomorrow and try to find an RV repair place that can come and pull up the floor and find and fix the leak. I don’t think I can take on a task of this magnitude by myself.  Looks like the trailer fund is going to be used on this trailer! And naturally this would happen when I had a sink full of dirty dishes!

This week is spring break – I had arranged to take the kids to Lego Land one day later this week – we have discount tickets and the kids have really been looking forward to the trip. Guess we’ll be camping instead!

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7 Responses to Flood!

  1. Lynn says:

    I don’t suppose there is anything like “homeowners insurance” for travel trailers, or you would be so fortunate as to have it? Or maybe a Real Plumber might have a way to locate the leak and fix it from underneath rather than pull up the whole floor to look for it?

    Good luck on this and the interview, too.

  2. SAB says:

    Good luck on the interview!!!! 🙂

  3. Dotgirl says:

    How close is your “new trailer” fund to actually getting you a new trailer?

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh NO! I am SO sorry it came to this – I’ve put off repairs just to have them bit me in the butt that way too!
    You’ll be in my prayers

    • boxcarkids says:

      A friend of ours suggested we try switching from the city water to our water tank and see if the leak continued. If it doesn’t we can still have water. We plan to try this when we get home. Since the park toilets/shower were closed yesterday we spent the night in a motel. I have an interview this morning and wanted to be clean and rested!

  5. Sara A. says:

    Somehow the leak seems like a metaphor for your bigger problems….

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